A Question Ex-Jws and Atheist On This Site

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    I guess you guys can't read well either. -- Blue Asshole, the latest troll

    It's not enough to know how to read, Blue Asshole, you must also comprehend what you read.

    You came here to offend others, hence your rude generalizations and insults applied to all on this board. I think that your need to disparage others on this forum is attributable to a lack of self esteem, a malady suffered by many JWs and ex-JWs. Is your lack of self esteem related to a repugnant physical appearance and/or deformed anatomy?

  • daniel-p

    Hey Bluegrass, you should check out this other site where there's tons of smart people who praise Jah day and night: www.knobgobbler.com

  • KW13

    BlueGrass, it is not me who has pain left to bare, but some of the individuals who still come here seeking the freedom to 'let off steam' without being judged by men who will never the time to understand why there are genuine reasons, for these hurt individuals to act on their emotions and feelings.

    They have been wronged, and there is no one except themselves to pick up the pieces. You won't be able to comprehend this perhaps, because your already formed opinion on us as a group, but imagine the joy they feel when they discover they are not the only outcast, and have once again found belonging.

    What does happen, eventually is that these people leave here, beginning a new chapter in their life. Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses are not to be scorned upon, they are unique in a special way, because not only have they learnt a great deal, but they have the opportunity to start a new chapter in their lives that seems that bit more meaningful. They take the world face on, relishing the opportunity to examine everything without fear. It would be like growing up seeing only in black and white, to suddenly being able to see in colour. The difference is extraordinary.

    As mentioned in a previous post, some have come here so downtrodden and weary they have taken their lives. We have felt that loss strongly, not necessarily because we know them personally, but we identify with them and can understand their reasons. When you intiated this Topic, your broad sweeping statements were a kick in the teeth for those who deserve a break, and a total lack of respect for ones who are no longer with us, because of the Watchtower Society, which left them out in the cold.



    Hammer Head I can feel the pain in your post KW13. Hammer Head

    It sounds like you have a lot of deep seeded issues with the Watchtower.

    ...."Seeded"...????..Why do we always get the Frigg`in Uneducated Trolls?

    I never said I was witness but since you seem to have a lot to get of your chest I'll just go with the flow......

    You still can't deny after all those years you're still hurt and you don't know what to do about it. I'm actually starting to feel sorry for you. ....Of course you are!!..

    I think you should take my suggestion and devote your time into something that brings joy,..... ....Like Reading your Posts?...

    rather than being on the forum where people bring nothing but bad energy by bringing up painful experinces.....Pony

    ..We don`t get many posts that are 100% ..


  • Mastodon

    I just calls 'em like I sees them.

  • megs

    I'm guessing English is not the person's first language... just to be fair... having said that, I do think they are self-righteous and closed-minded...

  • doofdaddy

    Reading all that was the best laugh I've had so far today. Thanks guys!!

  • Mastodon

    I'm guessing English is not the person's first language... just to be fair... having said that, I do think they are self-righteous and closed-minded...

    For many of us, English is not our first language. I doubt that's the case for BlueAss. His/her posts read more like the product of being a dumb-ass.

    Even if English was his second language, that's no excuse for murdering it.

  • Mary
    The Blue Buffoon said: You guys are too mentally and emotionally weak to handle the truth so you response with name calling, profaninty, insults, and whatever else 8 year olds do.

    Um, aren't you the one who strolled in here and told us we were all a bunch of 'low-lives' for posting on this board?? But of course, in true Witness fashion, the 'rules' don't apply to you----only to the rest of the world.Smileys

    p.s. Good ta see you again Karl!! How's Megan doing???

  • ldrnomo

    bluewhatever said:

    Wouldn't it make more sense to devote your time to discussing things you believe in rather than a fairy tale? And for the ex- jws (which technically includes atheist) why are you guys coming to a site on a daily/weekly basis to discuss an organization that you are no longer a part of?

    First, we do believe in something and it requires our being here. We believe that we need to expose propaganda, manipulation and the subterfuge that SOME organizations use to captivate their followers.

    Some examples of those might be ku-klux-klan, the nazi government, the communist government, the Mormons, the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    you may know of others oh let's not forget the taliban.

    We continue to post on this forum about the Jdubs because this is the organization we know the most about.

    As ex-jw's:

    pretty much the same reason and we also don't want to see other's being brought into an organization that uses mind control. You only see it when the blinders are removed.


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