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  • purplesofa

    I looked up your history and this is your fist sentence to us bunch of losers!!!! Why did you lurk here for two years with us bunch of losers? How come it took you so long to figure it out?

    Hello. I'm a long time lurking of this site(2 years) and a first time poster.
  • darkl1ght3r

    "Why do you guys spend so much time discussing and researching a book you believe to be fiction? Wouldn't it make more sense to devote your time to discussing things you believe in rather than a fairy tale?"

    I'm an atheist. I research the Bible for the same reasons I enjoy Greek mythology. It's a historical curiosity that gives insight on not only the past, but also the present in that it is a major part of our culture. That brings me to the second reason why I, and others like me, study the Bible. It's constanly crammed down out throats by the religious majority in this country. I make sure I know the Bible (and the science and history that relates to it) better than they do so I can make them feel stupid when they try to tell me that the Earth is only 6000 years old, or there was once a global flood, or that I'm going to hell, or that Jesus was wise, or that God is loving and just. If Christians would stop trying to convert me, and stop trying to use my government to legislate their fucked up "morality", and stop pretending that my country was founded on "Christian values", I would stop insulting their holy book. Well, I might stop.

    "And for the ex- jws (which technically includes atheist) why are you guys coming to a site on a daily/weekly basis to discuss an organization that you are no longer a part of? It seems like a lot of you guys can't move on with the rest of your lives and have nothing better to do..."

    Because that "organization" has robbed so much from so many of us, including me. And even though we're out it still affects us. It's common knoweledge that when a victim of some kind of tragedy or trauma ignores the pain they feel, it continues to cause damage. That's why therapists and psychiatrists often direct such ones to a support group or something similar, where they can talk about the things that case them pain, in order to work through it. I'm sorry you can't understand that. Apparently it requires a certain mental aptitude that you do not posess. I miss my family, but they refuse to talk to me because they think that cult has the "Truth", but they don't. I devoted years of my life to that man-made organization that I'll never get back. You might not give a shit that all of that causes me pain, but I don't give a shit that you don't give a shit. I'll forget about you and your thoughtless, insipid comments the moment I navigate away from this page.

    To be blunt, this site is composed of losers who are bitter and have no way of channeling their anger so they just b !# ch , whine, and complain about Witnesses and the bible.

    You're on this site too, ya know.

    I suggest you find something more productive to do with your time, because coming online and b !& ching about people who bitch about their past experiences and verses in the Bible they understand better than you do is getting really old, really fast... and it means you're an even bigger loser than they are.


  • darkl1ght3r

    HA! LOL PurpleSofa!!! What a loser...

    (Oh, and I apologize for my tone in the above post everyone. That was notably more venomous than I normally prefer... but I'm sure you understand. I don't hate or have any problem at all with normal Christians, it's just the right-wing extremist ones.)

  • Open mind
    Open mind


    You're right.

    I'll go get a life now.

    Thanks for straightening me out.


  • WTWizard

    People can discuss a book they believe is fiction if they also believe that the Washtowel Slaveholdery is supposed to abide by it. They in fact claim a monopoly on following the Bible, so to prove them wrong, you only need one of two conditions to be false.

    If either (1) they do not abide by the Bible as they claim to, or (2) the Bible itself lies, the religion is bad. If both are the case, so much the better--however, it only takes one to be the case. Thus, if anyone can use the Bible to show how the religion does not abide by it like they claim, that alone could prevent people from joining on the grounds of hypocrisy. They might become Christians, but at least they do not become witlesses.

  • passwordprotected

    Rather hilariously, my mother called me a coward for leaving the Watch Tower Society. I think it's typical cult-think to point to those who have left as being cowards - or in this case losers - when leaving a high-control religious cult is one of the hardest things you'll ever do in your life. It just means that those who are still allowing themselves to be controlled by the Governing Body are left feeling shortchanged in some way, possibly because they're left living the drudgery of JW life, and have to result to cheap ad hominem attacks.

    Welcome to the forum anyway, I look forward to seeing your attitude change over the months.

  • glenster

    I've been a non-believer and a believer. I had JWs over for a bit, without
    getting baptized or going door to door, but they didn't want to come by after I
    showed them the things I found at the library about the JWs leaders' special
    claims. It's too bad--I liked the followers, and it's been an education.

    A couple basic outlooks of mine are: if you believe, I recommend not messing
    with the see-able, measurable stuff (trying to prove the world was created in
    4004 BC, or thinking you'll prove there's no God with it, either--it's a faith
    matter), and don't be so 'centric you can't be friends with people outside your
    group or you're a pain in the butt either way.

    Blue Grass sounds like a 'centric spokesman for the Uri Geller fans who
    haven't caught him bending the see-able, touchable, videotapable spoon between
    his hands yet. A lot of people that might believe or not believe in God know
    that if God is possible, Geller's not, and neither are the JWs leaders. State-
    ments like "verses in the Bible you don't understand" etc., which sound like
    Geller's complaints about critics, or JWs leaders' mischaracterizations about
    people who don't send them money, only reaffirm that there's just as healthy a
    need for the warning to go out as ever.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    He told us, that's for sure. I'll go away now, thanks for giving direction to my life.

  • etna

    I think being on this site is an outlet for us and we can be truthful. I agree with "alltimejeff" and "passwordprotected" that it takes more courage to stand up for what you find out to be true than just going along with the rest.

  • Blue Grass
    Blue Grass

    Someone asked why it took me so long to conclude this site is full of low life losers. The reason is I just started to notice these ridiculous attacks on the Bible which are based on nothing but ignorance. Some of the non-sense I've noticed over the past few weeks is from one moron saying the Tower of Babel story is proven false because some languages evolved from others, yet this moron doesn't even realize there are languages on this earth that has absolutely no relation whatsoever such as Chinese-English, Spanish-Arabic, Greek-Xhosa, etc. Not to mention all of the ancient languages that are now extinct due to invading countries forcing their own language on other countries. Rather than acknowledge these obvious facts, the basher decided to turn off his brain and pretend every language on this earth stems from one language just so he can justify critizing an accurate account in the Bible. But you guys are not going to let something like facts and common sense stop you from trying to discredit a book you don't understand and obvious a negeative basis towards.

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