Confessed my Doubts to my Wife

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    kitten whiskers


    Keep it sincere and calm and pray about it. Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you in what God is really teaching you. Let it lead you and know it may take her more time than it does you to see these things. At least it did me. Hubby saw things more quickly and more logically. I was more emotionally trapped. His logic helped me reason on things and not hide back behind the Watchtower because of fear.

    Those were excellent questions you asked her. Her answers were wonderful and very revealing. She's evidently had doubts too. That's great. She is using her logic and not letting fear conquer her. She is strong and has courage. So do you. Don't ever forget that!

  • wobble

    I like your wifes expression on shunning "I do not believe shunning is showing love"

    Withthat she just shot the whole DF and DA thing to pieces, "God is love" ,his love does not shun, therefore shunning is not from God.

    All the best to you both on your journey,



  • sacolton

    Prepare for the unexpected. When JWs hatch from their shell and leave the organization ... there's no telling what will happen. For example, when I tried to get my wife to see the lies behind the organization - she resented me, wasn't in love with me anymore, we divorced and she left the organization ("disassociated") and became a Buhddist.

    All I'm saying is sometimes it comes with a price.

  • isaacaustin

    Sacolton, doesn't that compeltely disprove the WT teaching that after the apostles death the great apostsy came and the truth was lost, to be rekindled by Russell? If true, and the JW religion is this 1st century truth why is it that this apostasy at the end of the 1st century unitedly went in one direction, yet those who leave the WT goes in all different directions. obviously not one and the same.

  • Heaven

    Yay! Her kids come first. So if they needed blood, would they get it?

  • out4good3

    I'm jealous! My wife would jump my case with a 45 minute talk, complete with scriptures that so completely corner me that I just have to put my sorry little tail between my legs and run for cover.

    A 45 minute talk full of hopscotched scriptures taken completely out of context with the meaning of them expressed to you before their even read no doubt. What I suspect is that she shut you down by not letting you get a word in edgewise. by totally controlling the course and direction of the conversation by steering ot towards the usual WT talking points, and by talking in a condescending chastising way.

    Sorry, absent WT litter-ature, there is no biblical explanations for their doing the horizontal slam dance with the UN, the flickering old and new light, and their flopping around on blood.

  • Farkel


    :My wife would jump my case with a 45 minute talk, complete with scriptures that so completely corner me that I just have to put my sorry little tail between my legs and run for cover.

    Out4good3 stole my thnder, but was spot on.

    I could easily spend 45 minutes just discussing scriptures that conclusively prove the WTS doesn't follow the Bible at all, or at least in the most important and significant parts.

    The Bible itself is the worst weapon against the WTS and that has always been so, even since Chuck Russell started making up shit 130 years ago.

    Give me 45 minutes with your wife and just the Bible and I'll have her mumbling and drooling all over herself. (If she doesn't kill me first!)


  • undercover
    her first questions was "what have you been reading"?

    haha...I can relate to that one...

    Nothing outside the WT publications is valid.

    Did you know that the Internet is full of apostates??? And that they...*gasp*...lie???

  • jwfacts

    That went very well. Having a family study is a great idea too, where you can discuss topics to trigger her thinking and questioning.

    I was surprised that she did not believe we are only 6000 years old. The flood would be an interesting follow up. It is easy to prove the flood legend is not literal and that then undermines much of the Watchtower which is very literal in its interpretation.

    Blood is also a great topic, as it directly affects decisions you may need to make for your children. If she wants to believe blood transfusions are wrong, then Watchtower policy on fractions are nonsense. But look a bit further and Acts can be seen to only apply keep the peace for the sake of stumbling in Jewish congregations. may help.

    Since she cares so much for the children, look at higher education and whether you are willing to forgo it for putting the kingdom first. Maybe also discuss whether it is healthy for the children to be hearing at meetings how bad everyone else is and that their school friends will be destroyed, and if it is healthy to be teaching them that they will never die.

  • sacolton

    Ask her where blood fractions come from.

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