Confessed my Doubts to my Wife

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  • passwordprotected

    Great job, cantleave. Your conversation sounds very similar to the one I had with my wife. We too agreed to do more 'study' but we only used the Bible. Within 2 months we'd both stopped attending meetings and were on the road to freedom.

  • bohm

    Reniaa: what books or articles from non-creationist/jw sources have you read on this issue?. if the answer is none, do you feel that is a good way to search for the truth? do you feel that makes you qualified to make such sweeping statements?

  • Scarred for life
    Scarred for life


    I think you have a good chance of having a similar experience to passwordprotected. It sounds like your wife is open to finding out the real truth and completely reevaluating your religious life.

  • willyloman

    Great discussion going on here.

    Reminder to some of you: Please don't feed the troll!

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Sounds like a great start. Best wishes to you and your wife.

  • Norcal_Sun

    Let it lead you and know it may take her more time than it does you to see these things. At least it did me. Hubby saw things more quickly and more logically. I was more emotionally trapped. His logic helped me reason on things and not hide back behind the Watchtower because of fear.

    I agree with this totally! I was in a very similar situation. I think my husband did overload me with information and my initial reaction was very bad. But he continued to talk to me and I was very defensive and freaked out... but a few months later I was ready to look into what he was saying for myself, and now have my eyes opened as well. He also made it very clear that he would support me if I decided to stay a witness, and that he wanted me to make a decision for myself and myself alone. Not to please anyone. So I think his levelheaded attitude really helped matters as well.

  • besty

    nothing to do with JW's or religion - maybe a good neutral starting point for yer Mrs....

  • cantleave

    Thanks Besty - excellent link.

  • Balsam

    We're marked as apostates where I live. At least my son and I are marked, and the JW's came by last saturday to see if we are still living here hoping we weren't. As soon as they realized my son and I hadn't moved away they turned and left without a further word. LOL I told my husband we'd have to put a sign up at the door that said NO JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES to be rid of them. At this point I am seriously considering it to keep these friggin darn Elders away from our house for good.


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