Confessed my Doubts to my Wife

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  • Hittman

    Sounds like you're better off than most people in your situation.

    Just remember, you're fishing with a 1 pound line. You have to have very, very light touch or you'll snap it.

    You might want to wait until she brings up the subject again. Let her think about it some and make the next move.

  • flipper

    CANTLEAVE - It seems like your wife's authentic personality comes out and reveals itself more than most witnesses. Her attitude towards not shunning any DFed children shows she's really human- not a total clone. And the fact she didn't really get upset with your points concerning the organization to me shows she's not really a " strong " witness . Good job on your part ! Keep it up ! One step at a time, one brick at a time. Good luck to you, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • out4good3

    My wife was born in, not me. It wasn't a good footing for a decent headship deal marriage. I've been browbeat all my life, it seems. If you could actually get my wife to THINK once in a while and get off of her self-righteous, self-assured horse, and actually GIVE her that 45 minute talk, I'd love to be there to see it! In the meantime, I'm trying to maintain the relationship, such as it is, and not rock the boat in our marriage. Maybe I'm an "enabler?"

    I've reread my post to you. If I came off sounding a little condescending, I want to apologize. It's hard to project intent in a forum such as this.

    I understand your dilemma. My wife was also a born in. How I approached her was to read, read, read, and study, study, study up on their false doctrines and how to shoot holes in it both biblically and with their own literature and history. And just when you think you've studied it enough, study a little more and practice. Sit in front of the mirror and verbally, out loud, play a typical conversation in your head and practice what you're going to say to counter every point with as calm demeanor as you can muster.

    When talking to her, force her to stay on one topic. They love to fluster people by hopsctotching from topic to topic most of which bear no relation to the other.

    JWs put in a lot of work and have finely honed the craft of reducing those who don't quickly recognize and counter the tactics they use to quivering streams of flesh. After they've done this a few times, it's like "crack" to them.......that's why they're so eager to engage the unsuspecting.

    But, when you've been able to counter them sucessfully a few times, this quickly deflates their self-righteous\assured condescending nature.

  • Goshawk
    Just remember, you're fishing with a 1 pound line. You have to have very, very light touch or you'll snap it.

    Hittman gets a G for use of illustration.

  • cantleave

    Thank you all for you comments. You have given me some great lines to build on. There hasn't been any "fallout"C or moving in defrensive mode, so I am delighted. In fact we have arranged to do something tommorow which will mean missing a meeting - that is progress!!!!!

  • cantleave

    RENIAA - Thank you for your comment. Please note the question I raised was MANKIND being more than 6000 years old. Every half wit knows the earth is millions!

  • cantleave

    Heaven with regard to your comment - When our daughter was born she was in special care with severe jaundice and at the time she was giving plasma. We justified this by saying that it was out of our control and she would have been made a ward of court if we objected. In retrospect what we BOTH really felt is the medics provided the best medical for our our daughter and accepted it. We never mentioned this to anyone else, it isn't there concern. I think if it came to a life or death situation my wife would trust the pressional judgement of the medics.

  • hamsterbait

    It was studying the WT on the paralell accounts of Mat, Luke and Mark (24, 21,13) that got me thinking.

    The study actually passed it all off as if the GB -Slave- had worked it all out for themselves. Yet their analysiswas plagiarised with out credit and can befound in Christendom's Bible commentaries.

    That is when they changed the meaning of"when you see these things" to the timeof the Tribulation.

    I immediately connected to the Greatest Man Book - Chapter 111 "In fact the end will occur within the lifetime of the people who see the fulfilment of all the things Jesus foretells!"and realised they HAD to change the Generation Teaching. Wasnt World WAr One the beginning of the sign - most of those who saw that were dead. It happened two years later.

    The wind of change gradually became a Blizzard. By the end of the90s I wondered if it was worth taking note of any of the teachings the JW claim as unique to them. I first went on the net after buying the Encyclopedia Britannica, to look up the references it cites on the WT.

    VERIFY VERIFY VERIFY I say and you will find that to the true half of every "half truth" the apostates tell, there is another true half to verify it, making one whole fact against the Witchtower.

    The rest is history.

    That is the best tack to take: "they have changed so many things, how do we know this new stuff is true?"

    The changes are so obviously self-serving I fail to see how anybody can be taken in.



  • reniaa

    hi cantleave

    but the bible does clearly limit mankind's time on earth. it is not the witnesses that have used bible chronology to come to the conclusion that mankind has only inhabited the earth for 6,000 years since. Outside of biblically you get predictions from 10,000 to 200,000 to 1million on man's earthly inhabitation depending on who you want to believe.


  • villabolo

    cantleave: another thing you may want to know about the 6,000 year (7,000 actually) teaching is that it is of pagan origin.

    The concept of the millenium at the end of 6 one thousand year periods started with the Zoroastrian tradition, was later picked up by Pharisees, then passed on to the Church Fathers. Also, it is impossible to give precise or even ballpark figures to the 6,000 year chronological scheme because there are many contradictory figures for the ages of the patriarchs between the Septuagint and the Masoretic text. To my knowledge all current Bibles are based on the Masoretic text but it was the Septuagint that the first century Christians preferred in their quotations. Therefore you cannot even trust any "chronological calculation" let alone base a "biblical theory" on it.


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