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  • Spike Tassel
    Spike Tassel

    thank you for including me I wish you clearheadedness and restful sleeps so that you may be comforted in this trying time, and thus be able to comfort others, also

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  • poppers

    Hi Mary. I'm so sorry your BIL is going through this, and my heart goes out to him and all those he touches. Peace to you and yours. poppers

  • PSacramento

    Mary, sorry to hear about what you are your family are going through.

    I will pray that the Lord gives you and your family the strength to deal with what is to come, whatever it may be.


  • gumby

    I'm so sorry the news hasn't been brighter sweetie. I pray for him every day.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Hiya Gumby. How are you my friend? Don't mean to hijack Mary's thread, just wanted to say howdy to an old friend.


  • AllTimeJeff

    Damn Mary! I just read the update.... I am so very sorry. I hope things change for the better....


  • FlyingHighNow

    Mary, if it makes you feel any better, you were very cool (in a good way) to me when some weren't. And you also stuck up for Flipper. Apologies are always welcomed, though in my case, they aren't needed. I hope your brother will be given a treatment that will work.

  • Mary

    Thanks so much everyone for all your support and understanding. Here's the latest: They cannot see why his oxygen levels would have gone from 88% down to 50% virtually overnight and there is the strong suspicion that the second readings on the blood test were not done right. He's not having any trouble breathing and there's no sign of pneumonia (for now). His body temperature has stablized to where it should be, although he's still sweating (which is one of the many symptoms of MDS). He was released from the hospital yesterday and I went to see him. I didn't hug him as we're trying to prevent him catching anything from anyone. His colour is good, but he's (obviously) feeling rather weak right now.

    He's scheduled to start the drug Vidaza next week, and we can only hope that it doesn't kill him. It's a part chemotherapy drug, and part something else that is supposed to help your bone marrow reprogram itself. The scary thing is that all his blood counts are going to drop before they start going back up and there's of course, all kinds of lousy side effects. They've warned him that he's going to get sick and they'll give him medication for that, but I already told him that if it doesn't work, a friend of mine (another ex-Dub) will get him some pot for the nausea. As a side-note, this friend of mine called me last night to tell me that his mother---one of my best friends----is also having surgery today to remove a tumour in her stomach that measures 12 inches by 13 inches. She looks like she's 9 months pregnant and while there's fairly sure it's not malignant, they're not 100% sure and won't know till they go in. They have to cut her from her breast-bone down to her pubic area and it's going to take approximately 4 hours. I'm not going to go tonight to see her as she's not going to even be out of recovery until about 6:00pm and will be too groggy and out of it, but I'm going tomorrow after work.

    Anyway, that's the latest.......

  • PSacramento

    I am glad that your family and friends have you there for them Mary, to comfort them and to have the strength of Jesus flow through you to them.

    I know it isn't easy for you Mary, but realize that God never gives us more than we can handle and they God strength flows through Jesus and he will strenght you and your family to deal with what may come.

    Remember, it is in Love that suffering is decreased and Love, whiel it may not heal all wounds, it makes them far more bearable.

    You and yours are in my prayers.


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