Did Everyone Really Love Michael Jackson? (I'm Confused)

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  • restrangled

    shopaholic...the picture is coming back to me of him in that yellow sweater, its been a long time!

  • shopaholic

    I thought everyone remembered the Human Nature poster!

  • mkr32208

    I don't think being dead has given him any new and redeeming qualities. He was a pedophile, he was a has been, he was popular for a very short period of time, mid late 80's...

    Who cares? I hope all the kids he abused take the opportunity to crap on his grave...

  • mkr32208

    Oh yeah I forgot that he was popular in the 70's... Thats because music in the 70's SUCKED...

  • jaguarbass

    You can judge how much he was loved by the product he moved.

    He sold a lot of music.

    Money talks.

    Bullshit walks.

  • restrangled

    Sleeping in an adults bed does not make the adult a pedophile. When I was little, falling asleep with my mom in her bed was the most comforting thing I remember. When my dad got home late at night he would carry me to my own bed.

    My own kids, needed to snuggle in some times to our bed...it was ok.

    To this day, my own big tough male Doberman, loves to snuggle into our bed along with the cat.

    Kids and pets love to feel safe, especially at night time. Sleeping in a trusted adult's bed is a luxury.

    I think this was all MJ was providing. He loved children, he remained a child himself, just wanting a safe place in the world...Absolutely not appropriate but never a Pedo.


  • ohiocowboy

    It is sad that so many people insist that he was a pedophile, even when the evidence points to the contrary. It almost seems that people wanted him to be a pedophile to maybe prove some kind of point. Maybe some people are so blinded by anger that they are unwilling to see both sides of the story before they pass judgement. I personally don't think MJ did it.

    It is scary that Real, known child molesters get away with their crimes while witch hunts are perpetrated on some people that are truly innocent.

    Maybe it's "Human Nature"

    RIP Music Man

  • shamus100

    He died. We don't speak ill of the dead. At least not publicly. And not this soon.

    That's a little dramatic. Were you friends??

  • crapola

    Restrangled, Having your own child sleeping peacfully in your own bed is a little different than having him or her sleep in another adults bed. Of course that is'nt absolute proof he did anything but get real. It just is to wierd.

  • crapola

    Oh, and back to the topic, I did'nt like MJ.

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