Did Everyone Really Love Michael Jackson? (I'm Confused)

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  • jws

    MJ was a great performer. I enjoyed about every song on Thriller and some of his earlier stuff. You could probably call him a genius. I don't think he actually wrote the music or lyrics. But he performed well and was a great dancer.

    For whatever it's worth, my intuition tells me MJ wasn't so innocent with the children. Whether anything really did happen, we may never know. Sure, he may have been found innocent. But the court system is about who can make a better argument. Those with money have the best lawyers. And you can't tell me the jury didn't know him. Some may have been huge fans. Any plain old Joe who spends that amount of time with kids and turns his house into one big attraction for kids??? Chances are he's up to something. Except he hasn't got people to protect him, high priced lawyers, and money to pay people off. When he has kids in his bed, he's going to jail.

    Maybe I'm wrong. People with that kind of wealth live in a bubble and sometimes the people who surround them don't say no to them or they don't give them good advice. So he didn't have a childhood. I missed part of mine too with meetings, field service, studies, no birthday parties, no Christmases, no Halloweens, no TV shows like Bewitched or the Addams Family. I don't live every day as a birthday party or Christmas party now to make up for it. And even when I do celebrate those things, I don't go gung-ho making up for lost years. If I want to relive my youth, I might buy a retro toy like Rock-em-sock-em robots to play with my son. Point is I don't care if he missed his childhood, he should have grown up. Even kids grow up past that stuff by the time they become teenagers. That only takes 12-13 years. How long was MJ pretending to be a kid? Gotta be nearly 3 times as long. And why involve kids? Go ride your ferris wheel all day long. I think the whole reliving his childhood was a lure.

    I don't blame the JWs for MJ being wierd. He was a kid on the road. He performed in bars, strip clubs, and concert halls as a child. Imagine the people he met in those places. He had an abusive father too. I'll bet he had very little (if any) pressure from the JWs. I'll bet they were thrilled to have a celebrity at the congregation and probably let him bend the rules. I mean, it wasn't until the Thriller video that he was nudged out. But before that, he put out some very disco sounding stuff (which the Watchtower was very much against at that time). And there was sexuality in his songs too. If you were a singer who sang those songs, you'd be marked at some other congregations (if you weren't Michael Jackson that is). So I can't imagine there was a lot of guilt being layed down on him by the JWs.

    As far as his legacy, who knows? Who knows what'll come out now that he's gone that might taint his reputation? If that stays as it is, with no shocking revelations, I'm not sure his music will stand up. A lot of what I remember was very dated. I admit that I haven't heard him much over the last 20 years or so. But I think back to Thriller, which will no doubt be looked upon as his greatest, and it's kind of in the same category for me as 99 Red Balloons, Thomas Dolby, or some of the other 80's music. Nostalgic, sure. Enduring? Not so much. ABC, sure. That's a classic. But his 80's pop, not so much. Just my opinion. I know others loved a lot more of his music than I did to begin with.

  • restrangled

    After watching an interview tonight on MSNBC....I have to take back my previous position that he was innocent. I never followed it at the time.

    It was actually alarming. He seemed so screwed up....... funnies probably did happen. Maybe not close to a completion of an act but as someone stated earlier.....too much touchy/feely. Nudity, etc. So now I am questioning who or what he was.

    I felt really bad when I heard his father continually made fun of his nose throughout his entire life, and that when facing the public one strange woman was appalled at his pimples and told him so in an airport. Events like this leave life long scars.

    I'm at a loss right now as to what to think.


  • shamus100

    It was actually alarming.

    No kidding. If people actually opened theyre ears instead of just listening to his music they would be alarmed too. Anyone who takes advantage of kids is a piece of shit in my opinion, and they can rot in hell.

    What to think? What does your gut tell you?

  • parakeet

    Never understood why dying (a usually involuntary act with no redeeming virtue) exonerates anyone. Before MJ's death, I didn't like his music, his morals, or his appearance. Now that he's dead, I see no reason to change my opinion.

  • loosie

    Forgive me I am about to sound like a Jw here for a moment. but the bible says that sins are paid for with your death. ( back to sounding like a normal person now) Then how come the one you sinned against is still suffereing the after effects even after you die.

    Doesn't seem like the victim is compensated in anyway by your death.

  • minimus

    I've been reading articles saying MJ was clearly homosexual, not a child lover. Not too much has been said about his sexuality this weekend.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    His sexual life, is a story in itself, right from his teen years to his death.

    His own mother has said she thought he was gay.

    He seemed to like looking like a female with his long hair , nose job cheek bone implants, lip stick.

    Why did he never remarry after he had kids, if he didn't love Debbie Rowe ?

    There a lot of ??????? with that guy that may eventually come out over time.

    His sexual identity was definitely out of whack.

    But isn't thats why he was nick named Wacko Jacko

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