Michael Jackson is Dead!

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  • slimboyfat

    Germaine Greer's beautiful tribute:

    'Like Orpheus, Michael Jackson was destroyed by his fans'

    Germaine Greer Blog

    Young Michael Jackson in a garden

    Young Michael Jackson stands in a garden. Photograph: Henry Diltz/Corbis

    Another beautiful boy is gone, wiped out in an instant. Michael Jackson, unable to cross the threshhold into manhood, has died at 50, still a boy, coquettish, fantasy-ridden, horribly vulnerable, unable to take control of his life.

    His sudden death is a strange kind of victory. He had managed to prevent his ageing and even his growing up. There was no beard upon his chin; his voice was a childish treble. Instead of entering middle age and letting himself be chained to earth, he has floated away like a wisp, annihilated on the brink of a 50-date concert tour that I for one was dreading.

    It's all very well for Madonna to be cranking out tour after tour. As she could neither dance nor sing at 25 no one is going to mind that she still can't do it at 50. But to see Michael Jackson faking it would have been heartbreaking. Among the hearts that would have broken is Jackson's own. It has snapped before the debacle. He has been spared.

    According to Madonna "the world has lost one of the greats". We haven't lost Michael Jackson, because he cannot disappear. His three great albums will last as long as electronic media continues to exist, while the dross is forgotten.

    The era of his astonishing creativity ended 20 years ago; most of what has happened since has been embarrassment. Jackson's kind of transcendental creativity is typical of very young men; it seldom survives into manhood, when the glory fades into the light of common day. Jackson succeeded in prolonging his brilliant boyhood into his thirties, but eventually he ran out of inspiration.

    His art had been fuelled by the vernacular culture of the streets but it was many years since he had been able to run with the kids on the block. As his imagination faltered and grew dim, the fending off of maturity became desperate, demented and pointless. The struggle against ageing turned into self-harming and self-mutilation.

    Ever since Dionysos danced ahead of his horde of bloody-footed maenads across the rocky highlands of prehistoric Greece, dance and song have been the province of boys. Like Orpheus, Jackson was destroyed by his fans, whose adulation and adoration prevented his living in any kind of normal society. The creativity ebbed away day by day. He became a parody of himself. It is time now to forget all that and salute the miraculous boy who will triumph over death as Dionysos did, becoming immortal through his art.

    Nowhere will his contribution be more obvious and his influence more strongly felt than in the world of dance. No choreographer of the last 30 years has been unaware of Jackson's achievement. He rewrote the vocabulary of dance for everyone, from kids competing in talent shows to the royal ballets of Europe.

    If the dance establishment did not often acknowledge his influence it was because there was no need. His shapes, his moves were everywhere.

    Nijinsky and Nureyev also died young. They, too, were transcendent dancing boys, but they chose to interpret the choreography supplied to them by others.

    By contrast Michael Jackson's art was astonishingly innovative. No one could dance like him, until he showed them how, and then they were never as good as he was. His concept of the dance was utterly 20th century, extravagantly multi-dimensional, and not in the least middle class.

    Nijinsky may have been the greatest Spectre de la Rose, Nureyev the greatest Corsair, but these two candles pale in the light of Jackson's blazing star. The surprise is not that we have lost him, but that we ever had him at all.


  • shamus100

    It wasn't Michael that messed with those kids...It was his little chimpanzee companion.

    Okay, I admit it. I am actually Bubbles, and I've been trying to cover this whole fking thing up.

    I shot that rat bastard full of Demerol and I loved it! To hell with all of you. I hope you all have evil monkeys as pets, you disgusting things.

  • FlyingHighNow

    Guess they haven't offered Jimmy Page the role.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Being a little retrospective on Michael Jackson life you can paint a picture of how things came out for him, from his oppressive childhood via the JWS

    and strong armed bulling father that pushed his children around to make them what he thought they should do with their lives.

    This over bearing control over MJ in his childhood was probably the reason for somewhat out of control unconstrained adulthood.

    He was still a young man in his 20's when he became the most popular entertainer in the world, inexperienced in many things particularly

    with maturity in being an adult and the accompanying responsibilities to go along. So there he was brought up in a oppressive high controlling religion

    together with a highly controlling family life and BAM and suddenly he got free with no constraints placed on him at all with hundreds of millions of dollars

    slapped right into 20 something hands,. Now all that oppressiveness was going to be reversed with no God or father to tell him what to do, now he was going

    to digress himself into the childhood that he felt he deserved and missed out on.

    All of this enormous amount of money was going to open the world to him, available to his taking or given whim.

    He essentially thought he could buy the world or own and control a good part of it, helped along of course with

    his over extended egotism as being a self made King of the people , well little people at least.

    Reminiscent of a juvenile living on a self constructed image with all the money in place to support it.

    Personally I don't think real adulthood ever reached the guy and why should it , his popularity and wealth was derived from being

    an entertainer for the young. This huge amount of money became in essence his new religion of worship, his shrewdness with it

    and how he handled people with it was a glaring testament to this fact.

    Another thing that brought on many of his problems was that he never felt happy or content on being a black afro-American, this may have developed

    partially by himself, instigated perhaps by his father. Imagine going through your entire life not happy being born in your own selective race.

    Hence the many reconfiguring of his face and skin color, anything but afro-American a race he once said was a ugly race of people.

    Funny at it seems most white Caucasians thought MJ was quite handsome prior to his plastic surgery, including the entire Jackson family.

    Seems like he was on a road to no where with his self image, but as it has been noted with some once reconfiguring of ones face

    gets started many are never satisfied and they pursue even more changes, I'm pretty sure psychologists have a behavior term

    for this, just cant think of it right now. This recent picture of him tells the story to its fullest.

    The thought of what that face would looked like if he reached the age of 70 or 80 could bring on terrible nightmares for sure.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    This is what may have been Michael Jackson's particualr problem.

    Body dysmorphic disorder

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) (previously known as Dysmorphophobia [1] and sometimes referred to as Body dysmorphia or Dysmorphic syndrome [2] ) is a psychiatric disorder in which the affected person is excessively concerned about and preoccupied by an imagined or minor defect in his or her physical features . The sufferer may complain of several specific features or a single feature, or a vague feature or general appearance, causing psychological distress that impairs occupational and/or social functioning, sometimes to the point of complete social isolation . [3] It is estimated that 1–2% of the world's population meet all the diagnostic criteria for BDD.

    Individuals with very obvious and immediately-noticeable defects should not be diagnosed with BDD, however culture and clinician bias may play a significant part in the subjectivity behind determining what physical appearance is considered 'normal' and in whom the disorder is diagnosed. [4] BDD combines obsessive and compulsive aspects, linking it, among psychologists, to the obsessive–compulsive spectrum disorders . The exact cause or causes of BDD is unknown, but most clinicians believe it to be a complex combination of biological , psychological and sociological factors.

    Onset of symptoms generally occurs in adolescence or early adulthood, although cases of BDD onset in children and older adults is not unknown. BDD is often misunderstood to affect mostly women, however research shows that it affects men and women equally. The disorder is linked to significantly diminished quality of life and co-morbidmajor depressive disorder and social phobia . With a completed-suicide rate more than double than that of major depression, and a suicidal ideation rate of around 80%, BDD is considered a major risk factor for suicide. A person with the disorder may be treated with psychotherapy , medication, or both. Research has shown cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) to be effective in treating BDD. BDD is a chronic illness and symptoms are likely to persist, or worsen, if left untreated.

  • Yizuman
    Leaked autopsy report: Broken ribs and bruises on MJ
    29 Jun 2009, 1219 hrs IST
    Shocking details have emerged about the state the 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson was found in before his death, according to a leaked autopsy report of the slain pop star published by UK-based The Sun.

    According to the report, the King of Pop was basically starving himself, and working a grueling rehearsal schedule for his upcoming comeback tour. Michael was severely emaciated as he ate just one meager meal a day. He weighed a mere 50 kgs - massively below ideal body weight for a man of 5 feet 10 inches.

    There was no food found in his stomach, only pain medication remnants and there were four injection sites thought to be due to the adrenaline jabs aimed at his heart to revive him.

    The pop star was virtually bald and was wearing a wig when he died. His face was a mass of plastic surgery scars and the bridge to his nose had vanished, with the right side caved in.

    Several ribs had broken after the rescuers tried reviving him while administring CPR. Additional damage was believed to have been caused by oxygen masks and tubing inserted during resuscitation attempts.

    His skin was also heavily scared - suspected to be due to 13 suspected cosmetic surgerys he had reportedly had. The surprising revelation is that his skin cancer surgery on his chest had worked and the wound was free of infection.

    He also had unexplained bruises on his knees and shins, bruises and mild cuts on his back and injection marks were found over much of his body - believed to be the result of injections of narcotic painkillers, "given three times a day for years".

    The revelations come even as the mystery surrounding the sudden death of the 'King of Pop' thickened on Sunday (June 28) with his family opting for a second autopsy. The 'Thriller' hitmaker's family got a second independent examination by a private pathologist on Sunday, dissatisfied with the inconclusive result of the first autopsy, which had ruled out foul play.

    "We don't like what's going on," family patriarch Joe Jackson told People magazine. The family believes the doctor may have over medicated Michael so they attempted to contact the physician, Conrad Murray, M.D. but he reportedly did not return their calls.

    Although police say he contacted them voluntarily, the family of the deceased is not pleased with the final result and say they will conduct their own investigation.

    The Sun quotes 'a source close to the Jackson entourage' saying "Michael’s family and fans will be horrified when they realise the appalling state he was in". The autopsy results showed "he’d been in terminal decline for years...His doctors and the hangers-on stood by as he self-destructed. Somebody is going to have to pay."

    Cardiologist Dr Murray is thought to have given Jackson the final injection of painkiller Demerol, a charge that he has denied.

    Murray is also facing serious questions about his resuscitation attempts on Jackson as he lay unconscious on a bed. "Basic first aid guidance says patients must be face-up on a hard surface before compressions. Experts yesterday expressed amazement that a trained cardiologist could have made such an error, potentially wasting vital minutes," The Sun says.

    Dr Murray was hired just 11 days ago by AEG Live, the firm behind Jackson's 50-date residency at London’s O2 Arena, which was due to start next month. Source: http://www.timesnow.tv/Leaked-autopsy-report-Broken-ribs-and-bruises-on-MJ/articleshow/4320791.cms
  • mrsjones5

    "According to the report, the King of Pop was basically starving himself, and working a grueling rehearsal schedule for his upcoming comeback tour. Michael was severely emaciated as he ate just one meager meal a day. He weighed a mere 50 kgs - massively below ideal body weight for a man of 5 feet 10 inches.

    There was no food found in his stomach, only pain medication remnants and there were four injection sites thought to be due to the adrenaline jabs aimed at his heart to revive him.

    The pop star was virtually bald and was wearing a wig when he died. His face was a mass of plastic surgery scars and the bridge to his nose had vanished, with the right side caved in. "

    Holey crap, he was only 110 pounds when he died?

    What a freakin shame. *sigh*

    I'd rather think of him as the fresh face boy above not the sad thing he became.


  • Yizuman

    Yep, all because of the way he was raised. :(


  • Yizuman

    Someone should find out who the custody Judge is and pass this info to him.....

    I just don't like the idea of kids being exposed to the WTS and screwing up their lives that is already screwed up living with their dad. I also wonder if the children have been harmed by MJ physically (molested).


  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Its getting to look more and more that the over use of prescription drugs was the case of his death last week,

    a recent article in a Journalist column stated that it was estimated by reliable sources that he spent @ on average

    $48,000.00 a month on prescription drugs from one drug store outlet well known to supply many of the Hollywood celebrities.

    Of course this wont be really confirmed until the toxicology tests arrive in a few weeks.

    He may have purposely downed a multitude to kill himself or may have taken more than his body could take accidently thinking more

    than usual would be better to cope with the new physical excursion preparing for his up and coming concert series.

    This guy had far too much money to play with and use, starting at such a young age , only problem is he didn't really know how to use it responsibly,

    he certainly did know how to make it though.

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