Michael Jackson is Dead!

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  • slimboyfat

    In view of the subject I think it would inappropriate for anyone to "drop" anything here, especially not their "peace out". Let's keep this discussion clean thanks.

  • shamus100

    Sure thing there cowboy!

  • FlyingHighNow

    Hey Shamus, I thought you was sposed to be the ape.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Just to further the discussion on MJ's death, its looking more and more likely his death was caused by an over use of

    supposed prescription drugs, provided by his on staff live in doctor, a combination of sorts of anti-depressants along with

    highly addictive pain killers such as Demerol and others. In a very similar way Elvis Presley died years ago as well as many other celebrities

    passed before their time. The extra pressure placed on him in preparing and getting ready for his returning concert series, both physical

    and mentally may have pushed the greater use of these drugs, apparently it was stated that he hadn't felt well a week or so prior

    to his death on Thursday. It has been speculated that his many years use of pain killers may have actually weakened his heart

    and respiratory system, combine that with a newly devised physical training program that he was undertaking and WHAM his ticker stopped.

    Its become apparent that he was indeed in financial trouble the millions he made back in the 80's and part of the 90's evaporated and dwindled

    thanks impart to ridiculous spending appetite, law suits and perhaps too the way the music industry makes money since the introduction of MP3 audio.

    You just cant keep on spending a multitude of millions ever year , unless your taking in hundreds of millions and he simply wasn't, hence the reason

    for the concert series and perhaps a new CD to accompany it. The thought of myself being hundreds of millions in debt would be enough to

    give me a heart attack without any prescription drugs included. All in all his life story came to a most likely and probable end, that many foresaw happening.

    There's bound to be a few movies about his life now that he's passed on, I wonder who will play the leading role ?

  • FlyingHighNow

    Your trying to prove a point in this manner is redundantly weak and ineffective .

    I don't agree. I take character witnesses and the word of the many people who knew him well over, the accusations of gold digging parents who found the easy way to easy street. But at what cost to their child?

  • StoneWall

    I just had a a few long island iced tea's and that has given me the courage/strength to finally set the record straight.

    You are all wrong

    It wasn't Michael that messed with those kids...It was his little chimpanzee companion.

    Michael was covering for him so they wouldn't take away his chimp since he already lost his pet Boa and giraffe and

    many other of his exotic pets. He was suffering severe depression trying to figure out how to keep his chimp from

    being carted off and put behind bars in a zoo. Does anyone remeber his Chimps name? Wasn't it like bubbles or something/

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    I don't agree. I take character witnesses and the word of the many people who knew him well over

    Yes its easy to make up a good character reference for someone if you've never seen a person do something outwardly bad, that goes without saying.

    In this situation he had young boys sleep in his bedroom with him on many occasions, the subject of sex

    most likely occurred and some stupid juvenile behavior by himself and those boys probably occurred not thinking what

    they were doing was going to leave the bedroom afterward.

    I used to be a juvenile boy myself and sexual curiosity came up on the occasional sleepovers, this is quite common among young boys.

  • FlyingHighNow
    when Jacko was caught dangling his infant child out a 2 story window I guess it was some dude dressed in a Jackson wanna be costume ??

    How silly. He was out on the balcony.

    As I recall, Michael wasn't "caught", he was genuinely trying to show reporters and fans his child. It's not like he dangled him by one foot or wrist. He shouldn't have held the baby out over the railing. He probably felt bad about it when he realized what he had done. We know Michael didn't make the best use of his judgment at times. He wasn't trying to scare or hurt that baby.

    One of the childrens' mother fought Michael for custody and LOST.

  • Black Sheep
  • JimmyPage

    There's bound to be a few movies about his life now that he's passed on, I wonder who will play the leading role ?

    That's easy. Diana Ross.

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