"Apostates can only criticize , tear down and destroy "

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  • kurtbethel

    "Apostates can only criticize, tear down, and destroy" that which is weak and built on shifting sands of illusion.

    That which is true, built on a solid foundation, is unassailable by apostates, opposers or naysayers.

  • WuzLovesDubs

    Ren will never remove the log from her eye before she criticizes others. If there is anything that the Watchtower Sucksiety does with great FERVOR its to TEAR APART OTHER RELIGIONS for gods sake! Thats ALL THEY DO. They have never ONCE said anything even remotely kind or nice or upbuilding about ANY other faith and yet they scream blooding f-ing murder when somebody points a finger at THEM!

    If I get my daughter away from a boyfriend whom I believe and have SEEN lying to her, being abusive and controlling of her and have seen him do this TO OTHERS...I am under NO obligation to then go find her a replacement boyfriend. My job is to protect her from the situation she is IN.

    As an EXJW with my entire FAMILY destroyed by this cult it is my DUTY as a human being to see to it that as many other people as I can manage to contact are SPARED the pain we have suffered. If the rapist doesnt LIKE that I am taking away their PREY then tough SHIT!


  • hamsterbait

    Yeah like they said that apostates will kidnap your children away from the WTBTS faith.

    What about witlesses kidnapping children away from the faiths their parents have taught them?

    As fro criticising, tearingdown and destroying isn't that what the witlesses do ALL THE TIME with other peoples beliefs.

    How is showing up contradictions falsehoods lies and deliberate misrepresentation apostasy?

    The witchtower defines apostasy as "turning away from a belief" since they have changed (turned away from) so many beliefs recently doesnt that meke them APOSTATE?

    NOO NO noo - apostasy is NOW refusing to go along with what the Borg tells you. ie refusing to follow the dictates of twelve ignorant farmboy and ex waiters in NY.

    In other words refusing to follow Men instead of the Lord Jesus. Say you want to follow the Lord jesus and see how soon they are trying to trap you to DF you>



  • hamsterbait

    What are these "CERTAIN FACTS" they say apostates quote out of context???

    It is certainly FACT that they have

    spent millions protecting pedos and spent millions gagging their victims.

    Joined the UN just like all the other Churches

    Participated in interfaith conferences and activities.

    Contradicted themselves and flip flopped EMBARRASSINGLY on teacings the Bible(if read on its own makes clear)

    LIED abut their past.

    DF anybody who tells the truth about these facts (which are certain).


  • hamsterbait

    Outlaw Honey - You ar e soo full of IGNORANT CRAP!!!!!

    6 billion dead?? try 8 or nine, of which 1 700 000 000 will be children.

    Get your facts straight man, or at least Gay them up " everbody will be happy" honest injun.

    Stop stating half truths out of context or I SHALL COMMAND A SPANKIN' !


  • reniaa

    We follow Jehovah and his son Jesus, we apply bible principles, we believe high bible moral principles, we believe the leaders of men have to guide the flock in more than just name, we teach the WHOLE bible we do not pick and choose our scriptures. We preach Gods message to the entire inhabited earth in obedience to God's prophecy and command, we avoid idolatry, we place no other Gods before Jehovah not even his son who we recognse as king and our saviour the image of his father who has been given authority in all things accept Almighty God Jehovah himself.

    We look up into the heavens and pray to Jehovah through his son asking for forgiveness and that God's will be done on earth as it has been done in heaven. We worship the one Almighty God Jehovah with hearts that solely belong to him, my first memory of praying was to my heavenly father Jehovah as a child through his son Jesus.

    The saddest thing I see in apostates is they have no love of Jehovah left in them all they do is shout from hardened hearts :(.


  • mrsjones5

    "The saddest thing I see in apostates is they have no love of Jehovah left in them all they do is shout from hardened hearts :(."

    Blanket statements are a true sign of laziness.

    "A blanket statement is a vague and noncommittal statement asserting a premise without providing evidence (such as specific numbers). When writing about something, it is always better to be specific as often as possible.

    • Instead of: Most modern starships are built to last up to 100 years.
    • Write like this: Modern starships such as the Galaxy and Intrepid classes are designed to last up to 100 years.

    The term is used to describe a statement which blankets or covers a whole area like a blanket. The statement may be true or may be false, but when covered by a statement, it catagorizes the whole area. "Most criminals are killers" and "All politicians are liars" are blanket statements. "You can't trust a lawyer" or, "Everyone knows that you can't trust a lawyer", is another. Statements beginning with "Everyone knows ..." are often blanket statements. For example, "Everyone knows they are out to get you". A blanket statement tends to have more impact on a reader or listener than its facts warrant. It also introduces bias to its subject.

    • "Everyone knows the situation in Iraq comes from Al-qeada insurgents."
    • "Everyone knows the situation in Iraq is actually a civil war."

    Whether true or false, a blanketing statement introduces bias.



  • The-Borg

    we do not pick and choose our scriptures....... cough cough

    we avoid idolatry....erhm erhm

  • hamsterbait

    mraimondi has left the building -

    But he claims this form proves the point:

    So the


    doctrinal flip flops,


    the evils done done to individuals (well testified here)

    proves WHAT, exactly?

    My God! - this kind of twisty twirly mind game magic from witlesses helps me see why I am so sick to death of them.

    My only comfort is that if the real Christians are right, JW will be burning in Hell. and if the Witlesses are right jehoobie will bless me with everlasting restful oblivion, which I find very comforting. Far more comforting than the thought of eating food from ground fertilised by the blood and bodies of Billions of children and virgin youngsters.


  • hamsterbait

    Ren Honey -


    But as we have all seen with the Generation, the sheep and goats, selection of annointed, I could go on (so could you if you have a non lying bone in your JW body)

    JWS dont even need to pick and choose scriptures - as many recent WT studies have shown, the "relevant" scriptures can be interpreted ANY way the GB (most bar 2 born after 1935 - now I wonder why they changed THAT??) decides.

    But look again at how many teachings of JW are based on the Jewish law. Until something is inconvenient.

    I found out for my self . SO CAN YOU - unless you really think your eternal salvation is not worth the effort.

    It might well be...


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