"Apostates can only criticize , tear down and destroy "

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    "this forum, for the most part, proves their point."

    I disagree.......There are alot of careing people here..And..Crazies...............On JWN..You will find what you gravitate to.....................................OUTLAW

  • carla

    Sites like these are not only for jw's and those trying to get loved ones out of a dangerous cult, they are also to expose the real life of what becoming a jw will be for those who have been hoodwinked at the door and are merely considering joining. We may not be able to get our loved ones out but we sure can attempt to keep people out in the first place. They can attempt to keep their members captive by lack of education and suppressing information but it does not have to stop the rest of us from warning the public.

    One of the best ways of enslaving a people is to keep them from education. The second way of enslaving people is to suppress the source of information, not only by burning books but by controlling all the ways in which ideas are transmitted. -Eleanor Roosevelt May 11, 1943

    The idea that apostates are filled with negativity and have nothing nice or 'upbuilding' to say, are they absolutely insane? Reading some of the experiences that ex jw's have been through how could they having but negative things to say? Negative is the wrong the word here anyway, rather it should be truthful things that have a negative impact upon the org. That is what jw's do not like, the public exposure of just what wretched cult it really is.

    Truth should not fear scrutiny and the wt agrees with that, for other people, not themselves of course-

    "The Catholic Church occupies a very significant position in the world and claims to be the way of salvation for hundreds of millions of people. ANY ORGANIZATION THAT ASSUMES THAT POSITION SHOULD BE WILLING TO SUBMIT TO SCRUTINY AND CRITICISM. -Awake Aug 22, 1984 p28

    It's amazing how an illogical question that deflects the actual debate to something totally unrelated works so well with so many JWs.

    Yes - they seem to not have the ability to critically analyse matters - perhaps its because they are taught not to think for themselves as the WBTS has all the answers. If you doubt something the problem is with you not the WTS....So the indoctrination goes until the point where group think prevails and becomes the driver

  • BurnTheShips
    "Apostates can only criticize , tear down and destroy "

    Sounds like a bad case of projection on the part of the JWs. That is all they do.


  • isaacaustin

    bluesbrother do you actually read what ex-witnesses get upto on this site?

    I see confirmation on this site of your former witnesses point not the opposite, I see many captured by a need for revenge, or to bring as many out with them as they can. youtubes and websites devoted to getting people out.

    My reply: Some are obviously out for revenge. i personally am out to free others and bring the to Christ.

    Demonising witnesses in a way that the vulnerable actually believe.

    My reply: SHowing the org false prophecies, wrong teachings, tainted history is not demonising...it is telling the truth.

    In trying to recapture belief in God again some might get drawn in by born-agains but they are the exception rather than the norm.

    My reply: I am not responsible for whter they turn to Christ or not...I lead them there but the choice is their. Even if they choose not to, a free mind is better than one dedicated to a cult that is no service to God.

    The majority I've seen on here seem to have an uneasy atheism/agnostism which they cover by getting as actively involved with everyday things.

    My reply: true. I do not know the percentage and neither do you.

    They embrace all that living for the moment involves. They vote cynically expecting the polititions to fail and have no hope beyond the immediate. Sorry but this has no appeal to me. This site is actually not a good advert for people thinking leaving witnesses will give them a better life. It is more an advert for love turned to hate but still allconsuming part of their life.


    My reply: This site provides and array of knowledge of the org and experience of many from different levels of involvement in the org...giving visiots a chance to hear what the org does no want them to know.

  • Quandry

    Many "apostates" had legitimate questions.

    How is it that the number of annointed is increasing? Why did the WTS point everyone to 1975? Why did they originally say that Jesus was present in 1874? Why did Rutherford build Beth Sarim and insist that the "ancient worthies" would be resurrected and live there? How does the WTBTS determine which blood fractions are O.K. to take and which are not?

    The thing is, of course, that merely to have questions is viewed as "apostate." What other religion gets rid of literature from its history and doesn't want people to know of its origins? What other religion tells its adherents not to research, that it's been done for you?

    What other religion has members that are afraid to ask questions?

    One wise poster said some time ago, "I'd rather have questions that can't be answered, than answers I can't question."

  • isaacaustin

    yes Quandary...very true. Asking those hard questions becomes objectionable to the WT when the person asking is then unable to accept the Wt answers and keep their issues to themself while still preaching what they know to be false. It then goes all downhill as far as that person's reputation from there- in dubland that is.

  • Heaven

    Right On, sir82!

    Oh, I do so love the "where else shall we go" excuse. It's as needy as you can get - and a cheap cop-out.

    Shamus100, this has always fascinated me. I don't understand this. Why do you have to go anywhere? If someone does, then my answer to them is... "If you need to go anywhere, go to the Bible." Then I would add..."Stephen Covey is good too!" Maybe I should add on "Get's some exit-counselling while you're at it."

    LOL @ betterdaze

    OlinMoylesGhost, you're 100% correct! I'm curious, though, as to how JWs can possible know anything about apostates. Aren't they supposed to shun them; have nothing to do with them? So in effect, by using this statement, they must have violated their own doctrines. Interesting. So then it follows that they have become apostates by the very fact that they have done something they weren't supposed to do.

  • minimus

    BB, spoken like a true apostate! Sugar coating what we really are.

    I'd rather be honest and critical than give worthless hope,

  • isaacaustin

    LOL "apostates can only tear down and destroy"

    The WT can only tear down and destroy reality in the minds of its captives. The can only tear down and destroy the normal pleasures of everyday life. The only thing that the WT can build up is their own lies, promulgated as flase prophecies....

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