phrases that annoy you

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  • MidwichCuckoo

    ''know what I'm saying?'' - usually said about four times in one sentence (and usually by 'guests' on daytime TV chat shows)

  • mrsjones5

    "I hate to say this..." when someone leads a sentence with that as a first part believe me they are taking immensely joy in saying what follows. Turn that screw baby.


  • blondie

    "back in the day"

    I must hear that at least 10 times a day on tv and at work. What day, theirs, mine, someone else's?

  • JAVA

    "To tell the truth . . ." bugs me. I want to ask if they usually lie? Of course with the Watchtower, we know the answer.

  • Psychotic Parrot
    Psychotic Parrot

    Any j-dub phrase is usually enough to make me want to have an epileptic seizure (& i'm not epileptic).


    food at the proper time

    our dear brothers & sisters

    how good & how pleasant

    where else would you go?

    theocratic warfare


    in the troof

    turned apostate

    spiritually awake

    spiritually asleep

    territory (always pronounced 'territ-tree')

    we've really been blessed

    spiritual feast

    faithful david (or any other biblical name)

    loving arrangement

    imperfect men


    book study conductor

    you young ones and also you virgins

    marriage arrangement

    channel of communication (this one reeks of the occult ironically)

    endure persecution

    endure to the end

    bad association

    christian fellowship

    worldwide brotherhood

    satan is the ruler the world

    strong in the truth

    weak in the truth

    earthly course

    wholesome attire

    imitate humble job (or any other biblical character)

    meek ones

    be mild

    remain humble

    like sucklings

    like babes


    other sheep

    the goats

    the great crowd

    the wheat and the weed

    the fruit and the vines

    the thousand year reign

    restored to perfection

    steadfast in your ministry

    working on an assignment

    seperating work

    annointed class

    laws of men

    judicial commitee

    C.O (always makes me think of 'commanding officer')

    special assembly day

    foreign language field

    divided home



    you've been stumbled

    public talk

    the work

    donation arrangement

    jehovah is manoeuvring things

    wait on jehovah

    jehovah will provide

    god's perfect word

    torture stake

    not long

    real 'friends'

    spiritually clean

    loose conduct

    wholesome entertainment

    wicked spirit forces

    evil slave class

    faithful & discreet slave

    governing body

    partaking of the emblems

    reaching out

    approach jehovah in prayer

    pleasing to jehovah

    this wicked system of things

    the new system

    where's your tie?

    kingdom melodies

    fruitage of the spirit

    lapsed into fornication

    slipping out of the truth


    throw your burden upon jehovah

    literature counter

    hauty ones

    do not lean on your own understanding

    independent thinking

    etc... the list is endless

  • MarkSutter

    I had a girlfriend who constantly did the "quote" thing with her hands. It annoyed me so bad I just wanted to break her

  • JAVA

    Wow, Psy Parrot, I haven't seen that much JW swill at one time in a long time. My JW spouse used to tell me "you're not humble enough." I had a shirt made for her that read, "Humble, and Proud of It" For some reason she didn't like it.

  • Quandry

    Wow, Psychotic Parrot,

    You "brought out" many of them to us. Good memory.

    Have a nice day!!!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    John Doe:

    Not phrases causing annoyance I have to offer but:

    "irregardless" where "regardless" will suffice quite well

    the mispronunciation of "mischievous"

    using "continual" and "continuous" synonymously [elicits more concern over ambiguity than irritation]


  • megs

    Drives me nuts... "cut the mustard" instead of "cut the muster" ... Honest to goodness, you don't cut mustard people!!

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