This heat has me annoyed.

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  • palmtree67

    She's red.

    "El Diablo" is a good name for her.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Really, I got to say this car has been cheap to operate so far. I bought it for $1,100 off of ebay, and it's been dependable and a lot of fun to drive. I figure when I wear it out in another 50,000 miles, I'll look for the v8 version.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    If your mechanically inclined do it yourself and wear gloves, rubber or cotton.

    A water pump shouldn't be too difficult on that car, particularly so if you have a shop manual......good luck

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Yeah, you're probably right. If I take it to a shop, I'm sure they're going to want to change all the hoses as well. I probabably wouldn't get out for less than $300.

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Lassie. In reference to a Scottish lass.

    She's a firey red head who blew her top!

  • BurnTheShips
    IMO, the bolts might be frozen in place.

    My 1990 Trooper gave me hell when the water pump went. It took me a week to get the bolts off. Mine has the GM 2.8. That was a great motor though. Blowtorch, WD-40, hammer. Lather rinse repeat. They were completely frozen in place. Of course driving it in salt mud marshes/mangroves doesn't help on that score. It has pulled out more than one stuck Jeep. :-)

    I added anti-seizing compound to the new bolts when I changed it out. By the way, I've never worked on one, but those Camaros, especially the V8's, look like hell to work on, especially if whatever the problem is exists towards the back of the engine.


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    The injection unit takes a lot of room, but the water pump is on the front and easy to get to. Also, it's got an electric fan, so I don't even have to worry about pulling a fan off.

    About stuck bolts, PB Blaster is infinitely better than WD 40. WD 40 does not penetrate, and it was never intended as a lubricant. It's original purpose was to displace water and clean parts, hence "WD."

  • BurnTheShips
    PB Blaster

    Will keep in mind next time around. You should start a car talk show.


  • John Doe
    John Doe
    You should start a car talk show.

    Thanks. Believe it or not, I wanted to be a mechanic when I was a kid, before I figured out there was no money and little respect in being one. I've always liked to tinker though.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    My Cousin Vinny:

    Now, uh, Ms. Vito, being an expert on general automotive knowledge, can you tell me... what would the correct ignition timing be on a 1955 Bel Air Chevrolet, with a 327 cubic-inch engine and a four-barrel carburetor?
    Mona Lisa Vito: It's a bullshit question.
    D.A. Jim Trotter: Does that mean that you can't answer it?
    Mona Lisa Vito: It's a bullshit question, it's impossible to answer.
    D.A. Jim Trotter: Impossible because you don't know the answer!
    Mona Lisa Vito: Nobody could answer that question!
    D.A. Jim Trotter: Your Honor, I move to disqualify Ms. Vito as a "expert witness"!
    Judge Chamberlain Haller: Can you answer the question?
    Mona Lisa Vito: No, it is a trick question!
    Judge Chamberlain Haller: Why is it a trick question?
    Vinny Gambini: [to Bill] Watch this.
    Mona Lisa Vito: 'Cause Chevy didn't make a 327 in '55, the 327 didn't come out till '62. And it wasn't offered in the Bel Air with a four-barrel carb till '64. However, in 1964, the correct ignition timing would be four degrees before top-dead-center.
    D.A. Jim Trotter: Well... um... she's acceptable, Your Honor.

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