Are You Paul or are you Saul?

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  • Priest73
    Is it 'Search and destroy' (Saul) or 'Search and Rescue' (Paul)

    Or make believe (C. T. Russel)

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    this thread is getting circular

    Surely not? I wonder how that happened?

    watchtower circular Pictures, Images and Photos

  • mrsjones5

    It was circular from word one.

  • shamus100

    Thank you for your posts I read them all but may have missed replying to some.

    Or make believe (C.T. Russell)


    The ones you cannot answer as per usual. (dumb da dum dum)

    AKA. Russell the drunk. (wow, an entire religion based on that dumbass)

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic

    Hi mrmajestic
    thats cool but can I ask you one last question... What if the people you meet are clearly not suffering, what if you can see they are happy and settled as witnesses would you still try and erm 'save them?

    Hi Reniaa,

    You can ask me another question if you wish. But before I answer you I would also like to ask you a question. If there is a Mormon, who holds as equal faith and trust in his belief as you, who could also prove it from the bible and the book of Mormon with as much conviction as you and holds his faith as equal as you do yours, and he is happy and settled as a Mormon, would you try to, erm, ‘save’ him…??

  • DaCheech

    hey mickey, that's a good one.

    false prophets are false prophets

  • moomanchu


    You would have made a good chearleader.

    sort of

  • reniaa

    Hi mrmajestic

    You make a good point, this is why I like the way we go on doors and openly preach in a way that people can take it or leave it, If I come to a door of a mormon and mention the paradise hope he can say I am happy in my belief and make it clear he is not interested in my points, I will walk away knowing I have giving him the opportunity. Door work is a very open and honest.

    I am offering something when I go on the Doors, I goto to each door with a full Plate of Spiritual food. With a message from God, we are not telling them God doesn't exist.

    And I will keep return visiting someone while they are interested and wanted to hear more of my message.

    What I don't approve of is that motivations of hate and revenge tend to colour the methods as well, like the list I gave above these are not loving and your hands are completely empty.


  • diamondiiz

    When witnesses Go on the door they offer the paradise hope and knowledge of Jehovah first and address whatever questions that come up, this is a lot different going from door to door with a saul-like spirit say these people are evil, demons and paedophiles etc. If you cannot see the difference then you haven't read the greek scriptures.

    This difference is your motivations

    Do you want to destroy a religion

    or offer people a new one?


    You mean like Watch Tower doesn't make money? You mean when people knowing the truth offer to point out facts they are labeled apostates? You mean when people point out what the bible teaches they are kicked out of the kingdom halls and many loose all their friends and many of their family members? You mean to tell me that Jesus would bless Watch Tower for doing that? Or is it in fact when he returns he will judge Watch Tower as an apostate christianity just as all the rest religion but individuals will be judged accoring to Christ's criteria for preserving faithful and destroying the wicked. New covenant and the temple money changers have nothing in common and the time frame has nothing to do with one another. Are you saying that Watch Tower offers people something similar to what Jesus died for? You mean the basic Watch Tower doctrine that isn't taught in the bible like 1914 is something that people need to accept not to be viewed as those deserving death at Armageddon? You mean Watch Tower's scandels in the last 130 years need to be forgotten while scandels of other religions need to be heralded from the roof tops? Is that what Christ wanted? Is that what Christ taught? Christ taught the truth and that's not what Watch Tower teaches. Your denial of reality should make you a great candidate for bethal service unless you're already there.

    Destroy religion of offer a new one? I would choose destroy religion, another religion is just more crap coming down from some men on top and who need it?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    When you knock on doors you are not just bringing a message of hope.

    That is just the carrot.

    Everyone who rejects your message has rejected Jehovah and is, then, earmarked for destruction, meaning that you can have their house after Jehovah has killed them at Armageddon, and, hopefully, after their cat, dog and parrot have eaten all the smelly bits before they stink up the house.

    If no JWs have brought them this message, God will spare them because they haven't had the opportunity to reject Jehovah.


    When you knock on the door of a non-believer,


    Are the harbinger of Death,

    According to your own litterature.

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