Have you ever done something to show your disgust with the Kingdom Hall?

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I don't approve of the peeing etc on WTS property either. YOU might nor care what they think of apoststes but I do. If we ever hope to have a chance to help others leave defecating on their property sure won't help. Vandalism says a lot more about the person doing it than it will ever say about the target.

    That being said I have

    • placed pedophile warning cards on cars parked in their lot during a meeting. - done at a hall where a pedophile had been moved from one congregation where he was accused and into another unsuspecting hall
    • left silentlamb business cards in the washroom of the kingdom hall - on the back of toilet seats and taped to the mirrors
    • delivered those cards door to door to the houses around the hall.
    • placed a pedophile letter along with toy lambs (silentlambs) at the door of the kingdom hall
    • gone to a convention and left pedophile business cards on any flat surface and inside books that I got and then gave back for another person to recieve and then scattered more cards throughout the parking lot

    My hope is that some of those cards made people think, even for a moment, and that they took extra precautions with their children.

    What we choose to think about can help us release some of our anger but if our actions were to follow up on every thought of revenge we could wind up in jail.

    The best "revenge" is to live well. That alone speaks volumes to those who think everyone who leaves the WTS is a degenerate. We aren't. But leaving messages in one way or another that show there is a positive life post-WTS can help others immensely to get free.

  • Leprechaun

    Oh my goodness Ontario, you reamed me a new one. You must give me credit that I did not pee during the day in front of onlookers but rather chose 2:30 AM. I like your tenaciousness at passing the cards and stuff, I don’t hate the Witness’s I just know they have been Jacked Up" by the governing body who quite frankly don’t give a rats ass about anyone, that is why I get sick when I hear someone say the loving acts of the governing body.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee


    First the name is Lee not Ontario

    It makes me sick too to recall all those supposed "loving" provisions of the WTS. I just absolutely refuse to lower myself to their expectations of what they call apostates.

    BTW all my acts were done in the light of day. I have nothing to be ashamed of and what I did wasn't illegal so if I was caught the worst they could do was escort me off the premises. One hall even got the lambs at the door while JWs where in and outside the building doing clean-up and they never even noticed the lambs and letter until I was gone. (I went across the street to watch for any reaction.) - yup I'm fearless sometimes

    The point I want to make is that we can choose how to show our anger in positive ways that might actually help someone. think there are options; that they don't have to live with the garbage the gb gives to them and calls a "spiritual feast" while they are spiritually starved

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I showed my disgust by not going anymore.

  • mrsjones5

    I wore pants in the hall

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze
    I wore pants in the hall

    Oh no you didn't?!

  • Sunspot

    My act of rebellion showing MY disgust was to vow to never set foot in any Kingdom Hall or WTS-assigned sales meeting ever again.

    I have written firm but polite letters to the newspapers to advise the unsuspecting public of the pedophiles that are allowed at their doors to promote their "pure religion". Among many other topics, my letters also have dealt with the shunning issue, the disdain for the Military, and the idea that celebrating Christ's birth, death and resurrection are all "displeasing" to their Watchtowergod.

    I wrote a letter of disassociation from this cult, explaining WHY I was so astonished and appalled at discovering what had been going on behind all our backs...all those things that were so well hidden from us before we were baptized into the phony religion. I sent copies to the PO, the CO and the WTS headquarters. I am sure no one cared....but at least MY conscience was clear and MY integrity remained intact....even when theirs was not.

    If there was a way to approach each and every Watchtower follower and personally scrape the scales from their eyes for them to clearly see the true glory of Christ....I would have surely done so.

  • lynnMM

    i have printed and left, 1 800 WHY 1914 business cards at a couple of kingdom halls in houston, tx

    i have also left lambs at the front door of a kingdom hall...

    i have followed jdubs doing street work in down town houston, at the bus station, and as they handed out brochures and magazines, i would hand those same people, business cards with info on 1 800 WHY 1914 and on the silent lambs website

    its a small thing.. but even if it reached one person.. then i have accomplished


  • GoddessRachel

    Josie's answer is my favorite!

    Does joining facebook groups count? Like "I bet I can find 10,000 people who used to be Jehovah's Witness."

    Also, putting stickers on the Watchtowers and Awakes in the laundromat and at the coffee shop that say:




    If I don't have stickers on me, I usually throw out the mags. Less of a chance of somebody falling for the drivel if they don't find it to read it!

  • loosie

    Josie... you are such a rebel!!!!!!!

    Rachel... you gave me a great idea. I am goign to make up some stickers that say " If you want JW's to stop knocking on your door call 123 456 7854 and ask to be on their do not call list"

    I wonder if the Hall's phone will ring off the hook.

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