I'm Craving Head Cheese

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  • snowbird

    LOL @ Gregor!

    How in the world is the thread to die if you keep doing this?


  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Asking for a thread to die is like telling someone not to think of a pink elephant with yellow toenails sitting at the kitchen table.

  • Blithe Freshman
    Blithe Freshman

    I'm sorry I'm late commenting. I was out laying in a supply of scrapple & souse for the weekend.

    I like the souse made with cured meat we get here in the north more than the plain.

    Beks , was it you that said you would eat posole but not menudo? Did you know posole is made with pigs feet? Here in the north we make something similar to menudo called pepper pot soup.My grandmother used to make it , she washed it out in the laundry sink.

    My mother is a fan of tongue, I would eat it as a kid if I hadn't watched her skinning it!I am from the heart of scrapple making country and have always requested it at super markets when we moved.

    My mom cracked us all up after a trip to Louisianna , she brought back a jar of pickled pigs lips. I didn't try them.

    My mother -in -law also loved to go visit friends at their ranch during castrating season. I don't remember what time of year that was.

    One last comment , I have a Jewish cookbook , they are the kings of eating offal, the page on roasted bull penis is too much!


  • snowbird

    Jamaicans eat a lot of cow cod soup, also made from the bull's penis.

    It's supposed to be an aphrodisiac.

    Why do they call it "cow" cod?

    Crazy Jamaicans!


  • Narkissos


    Yes the phonetic drift from "ti" to "gi" is common (also reflected in Italian formaggio) -- often through a stage of consonantic emphatisation such as happens in Brazilian Portuguese ("ti" comes somewhere in between "tshi" and "tji"). The modern French "ge" then moves further phonetically since it loses the initial dental occlusive "d" (which remains in Italian, as in English "J" or "G" generally) and becomes a simple fricative (as in "garage").

    But cooking is more fun than phonetics (to me at least)... :)

    As you must have noticed the world of spécialités lyonnaises revolves around delicatessen and tripe: cervelas (pistaché, truffé, brioché), pâté en croûte, sabodet, andouillette, gras-double, tablier de sapeur, salade de museau (which is to "salad" what "head cheese" is to cheese, lol), and all kinds of dried sausages (saucissons secs), such as rosette and Jésus (!). Not so much fish as it is far from the sea -- but the "pike cakes" you have taken must be what we call quenelles de brochet, which can be excellent...

  • Quirky1
    Jamaicans eat a lot of cow cod soup, also made from the bull's penis.
    It's supposed to be an aphrodisiac.

    It didn't do the bull any good....see where it got him? From tha saddle to the bowl...

  • Gregor

    My mother is a fan of tongue,

    Too much information!

  • beksbks

    Oh good lord people!

    Blithe, recipes given me by Metseekans for Pozole, usually use some hunk of fatty pork. I worked with a guy who told me use any kind of meat or combination of meat you want. Me? I make it with nice lean beef, pork, or chicken. I love the stuff. I think my son has it running through his veins, it's his most requested dish.

    I don't like any kind of squidgy meat. If it resists chewing, it's out! Escargot, NO.

  • snowbird

    Brawn, menudo, posole, scrapple - I'm getting quite an education here.


  • beksbks

    Oh! And Scrapple! I wanted to like it sooooo much. I was so excited to have new in laws from back East! I love fried cornmeal mush, I was hoping it would be kinda like that only with a bacony flavor.

    It wasn't

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