YHWH a minor pagan god: Ugaritic Texts and the Sons of El

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  • nancy drew
    nancy drew

    I've been researching the anunnaki info not thinking it would have any value but surprisingly there is something going on here its not w/o some evidence.

    It's a little disturbing, I didn't really want to find out in my search for the truth that we could be an alien races frankensein experiment. I'm not sure at this point but it certainly has got my attention.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Who, then, is the modern day equivalent of the deity worshipped by JWs?

    The mind boggles at this and related reseach I'm currently doing.


  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    This is one of my favorite threads, packed with enlightening information. My mom used to observe that if Jehovah delivered you from slavery with the plagues and parted the Red SEa, would you continue to worship a golden calf. I would be utterly terrified of YHWH's power. If I were Egyptian, I'd hate him but decide to convert to be spared. Synchronous things occur in my life. The good but spooky and unlikely moments. If I note them when they occur, how could people not note Jehovah's miracles.

    Does anyone have any views on why of all the ancient gods, we worship some variant of YHWH today? Was it military or politcal power? Monotheism is often raised but monotheism seems to be precisely what Israel lacked.

    The NOVA show I referred to earlier was awesome. I can read about something but seeing it with my own eyes is amazing. The goddess was uniquitious and obviously a fertility god. I'm also curious as to how YHWHists emerged from the mainstream culture of Israel and at one point, Jew as chosen people and separate from other tribes is formed.

  • scary21

    I too, find this thread very interesting......Thank all of you for your research. I also have the Karen Armstrong book.

  • satinka

    The Gnostic Gospel in the "Wisdom of Solomon," Hokmah was equated with the Egyptian Goddess and called the all-powerful Mother... a spirit penetrating all creation, higher than the stars, fairer than sunlight (Barrett, pp. 143, 217-219). In the Gnostic gospel "On the Origin of the World" said it was [Hokmah] who gave birth to Jehovah himself, and taught him how to create the forms of living creatures, though she alone infused them with the power of life. (Robinson, p 176)

    The above is quoted in B.G. Walker, The Crone. San Francisco, CA., 1985. pp. 51-2.

    Shoot me if you want. I'm just sayin'


  • Satanus

    Yah well, even of yhwh was real, a person into the spiritual would see that he wasn't the real top god. The gnostics could see this. Yaldabaoth, who i believe is their equivalent to yhwh is a blind and stupid god, who is unable to see the real god. It well describes the biblegod.


  • Heaven

    Excellent thread, guys!

    I would love to see designs comment on this thread so hopefully that will happen.

    satinka, ever since my teen years I have always wondered why the Goddess was eliminated by the ancients. If they were so smart they would have kept her. Eliminating her created an imbalance and disharmony I recognized as soon as I was presented with the red "Your Youth" book and the Biblical idea that a wife must subjugate herself to her husband. My reaction was "WTF?! No freakin' way I'm doin' that!" This reaction has not changed to this day.

    So here I am, in the middle age of my life and it is only now that I am truly learning about ancient mythology being presented as facts to me as a child and how that presentation was warped and manipulated to serve a publishing corporation called The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. JWs have no clue about this history, at least, not the JWs in my family.

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    Is the book of the revelations the only book that refers to Jehovah as the alpha and omega?, im sure I read somewhere in the bible about God that contradicts these gnostic texts.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    Joey Jo Jo, even the individual books of the Hebrew scriptures weren't written all at once. Many scholars agree that they were compiled later and piecemealed together in much the same way the overall Bible was later on. Genesis isn't just one book; it is a compilation of a bunch of different stories. Same for most of the OT.

    How this relates to your question is this: the older portions fairly clearly portray all the people of the earliest times as polytheistic, even the Israelites. The later portions, written during times of monotheism, add in the monotheistic stuff.

    There is archeological support for this view. It isn't just something invented by atheists and haters.

  • Joey Jo-Jo
    Joey Jo-Jo

    Mad Sweeney: I agree, like God speaks about other Gods not as false gods but real that his people (Moses followers) should not follow, just wanted to know if the bible contradicts this gnosticism view about polytheistic, I also read hints of polytheism on the first 2 books of the OT, but I just wanted to know if the bible contradicts with this and its self as it usually does. What im getting at is that the book of rev initially was not accepted as part of the bible and its the only book that refers to god as first and last. But I don't think we can be entirely sure, copies of copies and we don't know about these authenticates of these Gnostic books, but truth be said there are more of these books than others, Bart Ehrman also makes a good point that most of the ancient literature that appeared during the last 300 years have all been gnosticism (another way of putting it are books that are not in harmony with the 4 apostles of the NT).

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