YHWH a minor pagan god: Ugaritic Texts and the Sons of El

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    Mad Sweeney

    The bible does not hide the fact that the Ancient Isrealites at times worshiped other gods. That is why they were forbidden to do so in the Mosaic laws. Even after that, they still worshiped false gods

    I see what you did there.

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    The bible is clear that the Israelites were polytheists throughout. The theology is built around their castigation for their polytheism. Theology aside for a moment lets take a look at the main 'castigations'. The punishments of Israel were handed out in the form of being subjugated to other foreign powers whether the Assyrians, the Babylonians, the Persians, or the Romans. On a smaller scale the punishments are metted out in battle losses to Canaanites. Does it take divine punishment for a larger more powerful nation such as Assyria, Babylon, Persia, or Rome to subdue a smaller less powerful nation such as Israel...or is that just the natural order of things? To me this socio-political fact doesn't need explanation by divine punishment. However, their attitude towards their losses is by no means unique.

    In the Mesha Stelle, Mesha king of Moab tells of his forays against Israel. He boasts of his victories even to the point of taking plunder from the Temple of YHWH and displaying it before Chemosh/Kemosh. He then discusses his nation's oppression under Israel being due to Kemosh's anger against Moab.

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    Hebrew faith was based upon Mesopotamian legends and stories like Noah's Flood, a reproduction of Gilgamesh Epic. Even the Mosaic Law is a copy of the Hammurabi's Code, and that is not a surprise to have many similarities, since Abraham came from Mesopotamia region and moved to Palestine. So technically speaking the Old Testament is a reproduction of old Stories in Mesopotamia. Even the names are the same like Adama and Eve. The difference is that we have the "Gods" in Sumerian Texts called Annunaki(The "Gods who came from the Sky) who created humans in order to serve them. Their first creation was Adama. So it is not surprise to have an advanced alien civilization 7000 years ago in Mesopotamia region that changed the primitive human D.N.A. For those primitive humans those aliens they would seem like Gods. That is why we see "God" in the Old Testament to have human characteristics, a jealous God that demands worship. If they were no 'other Gods" why would he be angry and demands complete submission if he is the ultimate God? Just take the example of Hezekiel's chariot of Jehovah. Does God needs a chariot(from the description you can see that is a spaceship) to move around?

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    Band on the Run, I believe you were thinking of this excellent NOVA program....

    The Bible's Buried Secrets


    Among the highlights, other than what you mentioned about Yahweh having a wife (the detestable "Ashtoreth" or Easter Goddess!! LOL!) and starting out as a local nobody god....

    There was never any mass exodus of "Israelites" out of Egypt, they were a small band of Canaanites escaping to freedom.

    The "Promised Land" was never "conquered", it was merely settled by Canaanites.....

    The Pentateuch was not written by Moses, it was compiled over a thousand years by many different writers, and the finished version came out of the exile and was produced by Ezra.

    This is backed by archaeological evidence folks, evidently planted by Satan.....

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    Really good link, lovely lil.

    Thank you.

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    Feast on this "spiritual food", Watchtower, this is priceless:


    There is at present no need to touch upon the mystic and manifold meaning of the name Jehovah in its abstract sense, one independent of the Deity falsely called by that name. It was a blind created purposely by the Rabbins, a secret preserved by them with ten-fold care after the Christians had despoiled them of this God-name which was their own property. But the following statement is made. The personage who is named in the first four chapters of Genesis variously as "God," the "Lord God," and "Lord" simply, is not one and the same person; certainly it is not Jehovah. There are three distinct classes or groups of the Elohim called Sephiroth in the Kabala, Jehovah appearing only in chapter iv., in the first verse of which he is named Cain, and in the last transformed into mankind -- male and female, Jah-veh. The "Serpent," moreover, is not Satan, but the bright Angel, one of the Elohim clothed in radiance and glory, who, promising the woman that if they ate of the forbidden fruit "ye shall not surely die," kept his promise, and made man immortal in his incorruptible nature. He is the Iao of the mysteries, the chief of the Androgyne creators of men. Chapter 3 contains (esoterically) the withdrawal of the veil of ignorance that closed the perceptions of the Angelic Man, made in the image of the "Boneless" gods, and the opening of his consciousness to his real nature: thus showing the bright Angel (Lucifer) in the light of a giver of Immortality, and as the "Enlightener"; while the real Fall into generation and matter is to be sought in chapter 4. There, Jehovah-Cain, the male part of Adam the dual man, having separated himself from Eve, creates in her "Abel," the first natural woman, and sheds the Virgin blood. Now Cain, being shown identicalwith Jehovah, on the authority of the correct reading of verse 1 (chapter 4, Genesis), in the original Hebrew text; and the Rabbins teaching that "Kin (Cain), the Evil, was the Son of Eve by Samael, the devil who took Adam's place"; and the Talmud adding that "the evil Spirit, and Samael, the angel of Death, are the same," it becomes easy to see that Jehovah (mankind, or "Jah-hovah") and Satan (therefore the tempting Serpent) are one and the same in every particular. There is no Devil, no Evil, outside of mankind to produce a Devil. Evil is a necessity in, and one of the supporters of the manifested universe. It is a necessity for progress and evolution, as night is necessary for the production of Day, and Death for that of Life -- that man may live for ever.

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    Wow, I'm really surprised to see that this thread has taken a life of its own in the past month! I've been absent from the forum for the most part, and missed the chance to welcome you, so I now say Welcome to JWN, showmeproof. :) You've done a great job in this thread of reiterating the basic facts and building on them. I've also noted in this forum the parallels between the menorah and the tree of life, and their connections with Asherah.

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    i'm so loving this thred, wow have I have learned alot from you guys.. great job everyone. please keep it coming.

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    All those other gods must be so pissed that Yahweh became the Captian of the Football team, LOL !

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