YHWH a minor pagan god: Ugaritic Texts and the Sons of El

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    This thread is priceless !!


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    I'll buy it for two dolla

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    Band on the Run

    One hippie (Beatles, Dylan, Pete Seeger, the works, bell bottoms, jeans, hippie beads, antiwar demos) says hello to another hippie. I miss the '60s counterculture. Free from radio with hardly any commercials that played entire albums. If drugs were not involved, it was a very exciting, good time. I recall when the Beatles were so slovenly (Ed Sullivan) that they were the end of civlization. Now they are not as much as fun since becoming the Establishment. Indeed, if I saw someone else wearing jeans, I would know what music, film, politics and what type of college they attended.

    I may be wrong but I see some class distinctions when Bible matters are discussed. It is not necessary but a liberal arts degree exposes a student to a wide body of knowledge commonly taught. It teaches access to research materials and how to have a critical eye. I noticed since I have aged and read extensively that I can compare an article/book across many fields. When I was in high school, I thought if it were printed or published, it must be true. The difference between conversations in Manhattan and the exurbs is stunning.

    The more fields of study to which you are exposed, the more patterns can be discerned. It is easy to see why the Witnesses are so antieducation. When I read of someone with a professional degree or particularly someone in science is a Witness, it blows my mind. Yet it is understandable how so many people can believe the WT. I am always struck by so many posters here who are so sharp, educated, wise to the world and yet they were once JWs. The number of posters here familiar with Metzger, N.T. Wright, Ehrman, Pagels, Armstrong or Marcus Borg is amazing. It seems that you have to go out of your way to access these people. Dr. Phil and the Kardashians they are not.

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    Experientialism, one person's Bat Kol is another person's Butterfly in a Rain Forest.

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    good thoughts, Band!


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    I typically stick to scholarly books in regards to this topic. However, there is a website which is informative and intersting from a theological perspective. Dr. Heiser runs The Divine Council website and in introducing the topic he spends much effort in fitting the facts into theology. This is something that you really don't see attempted in the scholarly books and something you don't see from theologians (not many are very familiar with this line of evidence). So it is quite refreshing to see someone attempt to get everything to mesh. While I agree that this is a crucial, yet misunderstood and often neglected part of both Old and New Testament theologies, I disagree that it can be done without making an a priori assumption that one's religion is true. He is right in pointing out that once you become familiar with this material you'll never look at your bible the same way again. The imagery anchored in this topic is profuse throughout the bible.

  • Band on the Run
    Band on the Run

    A truly wonderful thread. Some of it is simply over my head but better over my head than bored hopelessly.

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    Just marking to read properly tomorrow.

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