YHWH a minor pagan god: Ugaritic Texts and the Sons of El

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    Joey Jo -

    There was a series of articles in the Witchtower (about 1976 I think) where the identity of the Alpha and omega vacillates between Jesus and jehovah - depending on the cult doctrine they are trying to prove.

    That they cannot clearly identify God or His Christ should concern anybody who values everlasting salvation.


  • still thinking
    still thinking


  • ziddina

    Marking... Especially to point out to "Flying High Now" and others who think that monotheism was the first form of worship, ha, ha, ha ha ha....

  • shechaiyah

    Have you read Anna Yates (inspired) account of the fight between YHVH/Enlil and the Eloheim over the issue of Racial purity?

    They don't get into heated conflict over nothing-of-substance.

    The "Emerald Covenant" is where the problem starts, with an insistence that Race IS HOLY, and Ideology IS SACRED.

    All the Angelic Rebellions result from that stated position.

    I have written a book just to SUMMARIZE this conflict because most peoples' histories don't go back to Lyra a million years ago.

    But in essence, Life itself conflicts with ANY DOGMA THAT SAYS, one Race is superior to another or ONE IDEOLOGY can encompass ALL OF CREATION.


    But basically, yeah, I'm familiar with the history that you bring here.


  • showmeproof

    That sounds like an interesting read, just for the merging and melding of mythologies. If you want talk about history a million years ago are you incorporating Homo erectus as opposed to Homo sapiens? Our origins has very great implications for the origin of relatively late human institutions, such as religion, and the validity they purport.

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  • Dogpatch

    I'll propose a dilemma that faces many 21st century people - The shock of leaving the WT is that you find out...

    The 66 "books" we call the Bible weren't even agreed upon by the larger Christian sects at the time and still aren't to this day.

    Man got here by evolution. Ignoring that indicates lack of schooling or a overwhelming need to be a part of an imaginary perfect world in the end.

    Life quality for 90% of all people on this earth has gotten much better over the last few hundred years. And you believe we are in the last days? So did everyone in the New Testament, including Jesus (2000 years ago).

    Jesus made prophecies that did not come true in their original context. Nothing he said indicates there is any kind of "greater fulfillment" in prophecies that were intended for his day but didn't come true so it was "spiritually" reinterpreted.

    Technically, Christianity is a sect of Judaism that distorted completely how the Jews wrote it. The Messiah they were looking for was nothing like Jesus.

    Jewhovah was a tribal god with as much animosity as many of the other dieties. He called destruction down upon all "apostates." His personality is worlds apart from that of Jesus as portrayed in the NT. Why?

    Evangelical and fundamentalist Christianity bears little if any resemblance to the early church. They were "one" because they were persecuted. Once that lifted, the Roman wives of wealth took Christianity as their religion and it became the True Religion. Revelation ch. 1-5 indicates that the early church became split into a thousand sects, just like those who call themselves Christian today. The Watchtower will soon be split by sectarianism. It's always a cycle of birth and death with cults. Cults can become virtually mainstream religions, but then must compromise and new sects of it form as it slowly dies.

    A good model is the Worldwide Church of God. Power moguls have a short life cycle but the mainstream reps will survive, though like a lion with no teeth. There is only real power in a small group of truly dedicated men. The Watchtower will split logically into 3 types:

    1. a small group of "true believers" that will belong no matter what.

    2. Those whose quality of life will greatly suffer if they were to leave the religion. That's why cults have a life cycle that is very short compared to mainstream religions. Education of the masses curtail them and mock them.

    3. small groups of new "Bible Students" type of congregations, never united because of the egos of their leaders.

    4. Those who give up on mainstream religion or religion itself altogether.

    5. Many will become mainstream (but wary) Christians. They would rather forget the whole JW experience.

    Mainstream churches offer legitimate returns. Cults offer something more equivalent to strong drugs.

    Every culture eventually deifies it's dead heroes as gods.

    All church leaders are appointed by men.

    You can curse Jehovah a million times and he won't kill you. He demonstrates no supernatural intervention in man.

    If you believe in the devil, fear will rule your life. Curse him and he won't kill you either.

    So why do I believe in Jesus as my Lord? (For a fact, I do myself.)

    Let's see if you can figure it out.

  • still thinking
    still thinking

    good bump trans...this is one thread I really would like to sit down and read when I have time to take it all in...Leolaia..you are a gem!!

  • garyneal
    Let's see if you can figure it out.

    Never been able to figure your faith out, Randy. Never-the-less, your posts are very insteresting.

  • Dogpatch

    I'm a Jesus freak and a naturalist. Period.

    I was in high school in the 60s and had long hair for awhile. So I look at life a little different than you young'uns. Money, fame, government, society all mean nothing to me. I'm a peaceful anarchist, as many of us were. Don't you know any hippies? Then I'm not hard to figure out.

    Beyond Jesus, and really what he stood for, added to the physical and spiritual experience of being born again - the bible, the churches, the Republicans (couldn't resist!) and the debates over man's dogma are interesting to my left brain side, but mean nothing to me. I have and love many friends that take that path, and I would have, too, but hardcore pain brought me back to the ground... to the earth, where you hear your breath and feel your heartbeat. Then you remember what the world is really like - kind of like when you went camping for a week or a month and all your daily troubles ceased to exist that drove you crazy. People have to understand the animal side of themselves first, before they develop their spiritual side. We don't even know how to use our basic senses to their proper level. We substitute the easy way out - thoughts are cheaper than actions - and we miss the advantage of hands on, gritty, real-life experience. Go take a good hike or horseride in the wilderness. I happened to be born and raised in a more rural environment, where dwelling on abstracts was a waste of good fun. I had THAT side down. Then to feel literally AND psysically the indwelling of the Christ (while questioning his deity) for a week straight kinda sealed it.] It was an extra pleasure only man can feel as we know. Perhaps we are evolving into a new species, and the preoccupation with the concept of "flesh vs, spirit" is indicative of our real dilemma, one of positive change, eventually.


    [My later feat was to live more like Christ in some ways, but subtle. I gain an awesome power from faith in Jesus, a power I need more as time goes on.
    In some ways it may be a fantasy world, but we all live those or you end up in the funny farm from an overdose of reality. To most non-religious people (and to most religious) we invent our own lives, and/or follow the avatars of the minds of others.

    Mind Foof. Learn that life operates in a cycle, and it is good to prioritize one's mojo to make the best of the rest of what time we may have. If we are young, all the more to look forward to.

    A couple of videos of me related to this subject:



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