YHWH a minor pagan god: Ugaritic Texts and the Sons of El

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  • ProdigalSon

    Doesn't this prove the Gnostics were right about Jehovah, aka Ialdabaoth, and why the Gnostic Gospels were banned by the Roman Church?

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  • mindseye

    Thanks for resurrecting this excellent thread. Bookmarked it, this stuff is fascinating.

    ProdigalSon, I think you're right, though I just began to learn about Gnosticism. It would have been interesting to see what trajectory Christianity would have taken if the Gnostics weren't suppressed.

  • ProdigalSon


    It would have been interesting to see what trajectory Christianity would have taken if the Gnostics weren't suppressed.

    These are some seriously guarded secrets we are discussing here. I believe that Jesus was an Essene and his teaching was private. How else could he have had such an impact and yet been overlooked by every secular historian of the first century. If his message hadn't been changed, the Age of Pisces could have been one of awakening and enlightenment. Instead, we got the Dark Age of Confusion and Materialism, thanks to the dark cabal that has dominated mankind for the last 13,000 years. When the Fed Reserve/IMF collapses, kiss Babylon the Great goodbye!

    Thankfully, we have a new age and new opportunity to progress in our spiritual evolution.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I think it is important to remember that gods and god-stories are still primarily metaphors. As such they can only be more correct in that they more accurately portray reality. They stand for something real, but the literal details are almost certainly figurative. By this I mean that there isn't some powerful invisible being that had 70 sons, literally. It is that the story represents the reality that there were roughly 70 nations (families) of people during that era, each believed to have its own spirit god/guide.

    IMO, of course.

  • jaguarbass

    zechariah Sitchin eplains this in his earth chronicles series, that Jehovah was a minor demigod.

    He shows how many of the major old testament stories were taken from the Sumerian text.

    The reason Sitchin gives for JEhovah being a demigod, is that he was a son of an astronaught from NIbiru. El

    He says the myths of the ancients were true. The half men and half Gods were the decendants of astronaughts.

    If you keep following Sitchins explantions you end up with the Illuminati and the mess we are in today.

  • WontLeave

    It's pretty obvious that most of you, in your rush to find fault with Jehovah - only for the fact that a control-freak cult invokes his name, jump on this bandwagon with absolutely no knowledge on the subject whatsoever.

    "El", in Hebrew (and other Semitic languages) meant "God" and was used in several places in the OT. It is a shortened version of "Eloha" - singular of "Elohim". The Arabic equivalent is "Allah". The spelling, pronunciation, and meaning of "El" might have varied in the diverse Middle-Eastern dialects and refer to the local deity.

    Just because "El" is used to refer to a Canaanite god in Canaanite mythology, which they claimed was above the god of their Jewish enemy neighbors - YHWH - doesn't make it so. This is exactly like the absolute argument that "Yahweh" must be the correct pronunciation, just because Jehovah's Witnesses don't use it.

    With all the legitimate arguments against JWs, why the need to grasp at straws? This is exactly the sort of thing JWs focus on when describing "apostates".

    It is certainly possible that many ancient gods had the backing of higher powers, in opposition to Jehovah‎. Of course, their version of events probably wouldn't read the same as his. Fragments of their "holy" books are buried in the sand, out in the middle of nowhere while Jehovah's book is available in 2400+ languages.

    Sure, argue about how the Bible was compiled and its authenticity. I don't get involved in those discussions, because everybody's heard them before and each side chooses what they believe based almost solely on their desire to believe it. At least this argument is obscure and may actually confuse or mislead someone not familiar with it, so I chimed in. I'm done. Go back to copying and pasting your Zeitgeist quotes now.

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