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    Geat ready to gag. You just can't make this stuff up.

    Subject: Fw: Book Study Change In 2009

    Dear Friends,
    Interesting reading from our sister in Colombia below . . . the writer mentions a couple of things I hadn't thought of regarding the new Book study arrangements starting in 2009. One brother who visited my home this past Sunday and who's been in the full time work and Regular Pioneer for some 50 + years (my ex-pioneer partner, Keith Coldwell) mentioned that this change is one of the most major changes the organization has ever made since he's been a witness. Exciting times ahead friends. Time to get ready for a real ride!!! This is one none of us want to miss.
    Your friend and brother,
    Tom W. (ô¿ô)
    P.S. Listen to Jehovah. Many think they know the answers, but they don't even know the questions.

    Hello, brothers and sisters:

    I want to share with you an important counsel that I received from a brother about the changes th at will take next year about our book study. I hope it can be of help for you too!

    Wendy A.
    Barranquilla, Colombia

    There are four main points to the letter about the book study change, I thought was very interesting:

    1. Satan's anger is growing!

    The first thing it talked about was Satan's anger is growing more intense toward Jehovah's people. We know that very shortly the Wild Beast (United Nations) will destroy Babylon the Great (False Religion), and try to stop Jehovah's Witnesses from meeting and preaching. The society is getting us prepared for when the whole world goes under ban and the kingdom halls are shut down. When that happens, we will already know how to conduct our meetings in a condensed format. We will need to meet in smaller groups at brother's homes. So when that time comes we will still get spiritual food, but in a quicker format so as to not arouse suspicion by our neighbors.. Just like the brothers had to do it in Russia and Uzbekistan a Middle East country has recently gone under ban, the Government said it is to combat terrorism by not allowing religious groups to meet and preach..

    2. Did you notice the reason to condense the meetings was NOT for more time in the field service, but more time for personal study?

    The only thing that will get us thought the Great Tribulation is our Faith in Jehovah. The Governing Body is trying to prepare us for what is about to take place. They said to take that extra night and build up your knowledge and strengthen your faith. The time will soon come when we might not have the publications to study and the only things we will be able to recall and draw comfort from are the things that we have studied. We cannot recall what we do not know! The preaching work will continue and Jehovah is speeding it up, but how can we teach and help build peoples faith if we ourselves are not spiritually strong?

    3. Do you remember the story of Job?

    Job 1:9-12

    9 At that Satan answered Jehovah and said: 'Is it for nothing that Job has feared God? 10 Have not you yourself put up a hedge about him and about his house and about everything that he has all around? The work of his hands you have blessed, and his livestock itself has spread abroad in the earth. 11 But, for a change, thrust out your hand, please, and touch everything he has [and see] whether he will not curse you to your very face.' 12 Accordingly Jehovah said to Satan: 'Look! Everything that he has is in your hand. Only against him himself do not thrust out your hand!' So Satan went out away from the person of Jehovah.

    Likewise today, It's all about Jehovah's universal sovereignty, his right to rule mankind. Also Satan sai d that humans would not love Jehovah without something in return. Our meetings and association are a blessing and protection from Jehovah. If they had added another meeting, most people would continue to go to the extra meeting. There they are fed the truth and get to fellowship with others and receive the protection and blessing from Jehovah. The Congregation is a spiritual hedge and a refuge for his people to recharge and get strengthened.

    Satan told Jehovah that the only reason Job served god was because of the protection and blessing Jehovah gave to Job.

    The same is true in our day; Jehovah is proving to Satan and every living thing, that people will worship him no matter what. By taking away a meeting he is giving us the chance to prove to him and Satan that we will worship him no matter what. That's why they said to do personal study on our own. We would not want to take the extra night to watch T.V. or surf the web, but to gain knowledge that leads to everlasting life through personal study.

    Let's take this same scripture and apply it or our day:

    Modified Version of Job 1:9-12 (not actual bible text)

    9 At that Satan answered Jehovah and said: 'Is it for nothing that Jehovah's Witness have feared God? 10 Have not you yourself given them three times a week to get shelter from the world and receive encouragement and blessings from the congregation, and there they learn everything they need to know about you? The Elders call if they miss a meeting, their friends inquire about them if they are not there, because of this, they feel guilty for not going and only go to look good in front of their friends! 11 But, for a change, thrust out your hand, please, and take one meeting away, one chance they have to get encouragement and knowledge of you, and see if between Tuesday and Sunday they turn to doing bad. See if they learn about you on their own time. The Elders and their friends will not know if they had taken the time for personal study, for only you, me and the angels, will know. For this reason, I tell you, television and the Internet will be their personal study'. 12 Accordingly Jehovah said to Satan: 'Look! One chance they have to get encouragement and knowledge of me I will take away, and lets see if between Tuesday and Sunday they turn to doing bad or if they follow my direction and do personal study, proving you are a liar'! So Satan went out away from the person of Jehovah.

    Who will you show has the right to rule mankind?

    4. Continued Separating of the sheep and the goats!

    In talking with other witness in different parts of the United States is it very clear that there are two different reactions to the change going to take place in 2009 with our book studies.

    The first group is so happy to have the extra night off to relax, watch television or go out to dinner and so on. They only hear what they want to hear and not the true reason for the change. These people will most likely not listen to the direction and do more personal study and we know Satan always go after the weak first.
    The second group realizes the seriousness of the change and will heed the warnings given by Jehovah through the faithful slave. These ones will study harder and be prepared for the Fall of Babylon the Great!

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    Oh, dear god.

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    Sounds like speculation and more mind control and behavior modification.

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    It may be a 'reason,' but trust me, it is not the reason.

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    Someone stop me from shooting myself.

    Where do they come up with this??

    My bad, I forgot, New York!!

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    The blind leading the blind into a pit. The GB has attempted to herd cats for too many years, and tried to make pigs sing.

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    4. Continued Separating of the sheep and the goats!

    I thought the WTS changed this doctrine and the separating work has not begun yet. I am afraid this person should be told he is "running ahead of the organization" or should be accused of apostacy!!


    So..Jehovah canceled the BS Meeting..To give everyone more time,with Satan..............Huh?..................Laughing Mutley...OUTLAW

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