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  • restrangled

    My mom hosts her bookstudy...she could care less about the reason, a reason, any reason.....she just wants to hear about the reduction of required hours for pioneering.

    Is it forth coming as promised by me from this site or was it a fluke...?


  • booby

    If there was a satan and if he cared about (wanted to persecute) jw's do they not think the shit would have hit the fan when they peddled that hate literature brochure "the end of false religion is near!" bullcrap. Not long ago the book study was the salvation, because they could blend in with the landscape so to speak. They even used that scenario to emphasise the importance of regular meeting attendance, because you would supposedly find out where the next meeting would be held at the current meeting that you were faithfully attending "AT A HOME". Now it is teaching them to hold condensed meetings. oh well.

  • ldrnomo


    I'm speechless


  • Frequent_Fader_Miles
    The society is getting us prepared for when the whole world goes under ban and the kingdom halls are shut down. When that happens, we will already know how to conduct our meetings in a condensed format. We will need to meet in smaller groups at brother's homes. So when that time comes we will still get spiritual food, but in a quicker format so as to not arouse suspicion by our neighbors..

    So are they saying that entertaining a small group of people dressed like witnesses in your home at the same time every week won't arouse suspicion???

    I thought the book study was a meeting in smaller groups at brothers' homes.

  • Gregor

    "A chance to study HARDER"? Study what? Dumb asses. Better not be just the Bible, especially with a few friends over for coffee and discussion.. Liable to have your door kicked down by the geshtapo and DF'd for apostasy.Sorry, but I'm starting to lose my empathy for the victims of the WTS. Maybe this is like Darwins law in action. People who want to be told how to wipe their asses from cradle to grave deserve to be cult drones.

  • shamus100


    You are 100% right. Some people just need the watchtower. It's they're crack.

  • johnny1980

    I'm sure this Mortgage Mess is somewhere in the bible, "In the last days Lehman Bro's will fail and the stock market will crumble" I remember when brother doom and gloom use to actually make us feel like we had to sneak in to our book study house.... All the cars parked out front didn't attrack any attention at all!

  • reneeisorym

    This makes me want to puke. I was this brainwashed at one time.

  • Mrs. Fiorini
    Mrs. Fiorini

    They should get paid for this stuff! It's quite a work of art. Not everyone has the kind of talent it takes to spin all the changes the WT makes. "We have to meet in homes so we'll be ready for when persecution comes." "We have to stop meeting in homes to be ready when persecution comes." "We have to have as many meetings as possible to get ready for Armageddon." "We have to have one less meeting a week to get ready for Armageddon." It could all be very confusing in the wrong hands.

  • justhuman

    WT knows that their days are numbered, and they are trying to keep their followers in the state of fear. Besides fear is the best weapon of the WT as we all know. The message coming out from the Headquarters lately must keep us into serious concideration, specially all of us who still have close family members in the cult.

    Will WT follow the pattern of the extreme cults like WACO and Jim Jones? That is something really fearfull. We know that WT is blood guilty for the thousands of people that died in the rescent years due to the ban of blood transfussions. We know WT did use the African brothers in Malawi and other places, in order to have martyrs and prag that they are being persecuted because they are the real Christians.

    The fear tactic will only lead into a greater exodus of more JWs. I will use my own expierience as an example. I was 7 in 1975, and I do recall that the end was so close. Then in 1984 I left school to preach that the end was so close since the generation will not pass way. (I will not go through that decission that proved to be disasterous for my career for the rest of my life)Then I went ot pioneer's school and I was regular for 6 years. Then 1995 came and I knew changed by a WT article.

    My doubts started to arise. I had the opportunity to have all the books of Booze Jo, and 1-2 of Russells, I started to read them all. I realize that WT had serious uncompleted prophecies, flip flop doctirnes, and a Holy Spirit that cannot deside if Sodomah and Gomorah will reseructed!!! After 3 years of the new "light"I become innactive.

    They are only trying to buy some time, but at the end of the day they can't hold a mass exodus from the WT

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