Wrecking of United States of America

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    Hi PrimateDave,

    I have looked at the anti-globalist videos and information by Alex Jones and others. They seem to make a pretty good case for some kind of elite agenda, but I weary of their presentation. They want to wrest control from the elites, and for what?

    Eh, they are a little heavy on the fear mongering, and if you can take it, beneath all that is what I feel is the truth about what is going on. As for them wanting to wrestle control from the elites, that's a joke, it'll never happen, imho. But patriots can dream...

    I prefer CuttingEdge.org to AJ for "commentary on the news" since at least CE.org are Christians and always include the Biblical explanation parallel to the elite/occult explanation. However, for those not so inclined to scripture and prophecy, you may not enjoy CuttingEdge, or Last Trumpet's monthly newsletters, etc.

    Henry Makow's site is another good one, he's secular/Jewish but doesn't hold back.

    In other words, I don't get my news-egg all from the same basket. I read several of these guys and learn what I can, though I don't always agree with EVERYTHING they each might say, so I compare and sift.

    I can't say I relish the thought of being manipulated by elite propaganda.

    Pleased to hear it! ;-)

    ... consider my posting a kind of intellectual exercise for me, myself, and I.

    ;-) The forum is your oyster, PD!

    I can't see where you or I can do anything but keep on living "normal" lives, come what may.

    That's about how I see it, but I do have faith in the Lord will get me through, though I expect a bumpy road. And I'm not against using a little preventive wisdom like keeping a good stock of food around (though I'm not living in the hills hiding out) and if I could, I'd trade some green dollars for some gold and silver coins and do some "midnight gardening." ;-)

    I can't see how this article comes across as "elite eco-terrorism." This guy is preaching to the choir, so to speak, that is to those few who may try to see where our collective course of actions may take us in the future. He says, "This is how things are going to fall apart, and there is nothing anyone will do about it." No one in the mainstream press is going to cover the points presented in that article. Besides, terrorism is only covered when the elites can use it to tighten control. Anytime there is a perceived instability in the system, efforts are made to shore it up by imposing greater controls.

    Agree 100% about the media, and about tighter control: Dialectic Struggle: The elite create the problem, so they can step up and provide the solution... the solution being, as you said, tighter control -- but with an End Goal in mind, ie, a Global Government.

    What I meant by "eco terrorism" is they want to 'terrorize' your psyche about the Environment, mainly to get you to think there really is a "Mother Gaia" who has a "mind of her own," so they can catapult the earth via weather warfare into disasters (such as creating EQs, tsumanis, hurriances, etc.) to lessen the population, and then say it was Mother Gaia who did it to you ON PURPOSE for your naughty behavior -- eco-wise -- on the planet, etc. And since we lowly humans (without the "illuminated intelligence" they think they have) can't seem to run the planet "properly," they feel it is their "enlightened duty" to take control -- via incremental tighter and tighter controls after every [created] disaster -- of all the food sources, the oil sources, the environment, etc. Hope that makes sense.

    Bad news by itself doesn't sell advertising, and the elites want you to buy that new hybrid SUV. They want you to be able to refinance your home and buy big screen LCD televisions and Sony PlayStation 3 video game consoles. The mantra of the elites is "Growth Is Good." The Globalist elite says, "Let's all get rich together!"

    I know they want us all in debt, it fills up their pockets, and they would love to have us all in debtor's prison, lol.
    As for them wanting us to "get rich together" WITH THEM, I don't know about that one... If that were true, they wouldn't be trying to bankrupt everybody.

    Have you heard George Green's interviews? He used to "run with the pack." He said -- and which I had already known -- that their opinion of us is, "If you are stupid enough to fall for it [their manipulated set ups], then you deserve what you get." He confessed that it never really bothered him either to have that attitude... not until years later... another whole story...

    However, CuttingEdge's analysis -- from info they've had from former insiders -- is that the elite basically want Americans to continue to "FEEL" prosperous -- even if we aren't -- right up to the end so we will be none the wiser when they are ready to create the final $$$ crash (same time as WW3). This is why CE sayd, no matter what is going on in the news with all the banks, there will NOT be a financial crash UNTIL they are ready to start WW3. So maybe this CE position is more akin to what you are saying.

    Finally, the author knows that no one will accept the politically and socially unacceptable steps that may be required for a smooth transition to a sustainable future.

    Exactly. Hence, this is where their "Mother Gaia" gets to enter the stage and via her havoc, chaos and disasters, FORCE everyone to "beg for" the "politically and socially unacceptable steps that may be required."

    Also, the fact he even USES the NWO-catch-phrases like "sustainability" as a "good thing" (even if he sees that people won't want to put forth the effort to make it happen) --is what made me wonder. I was thinking either he is naive or doesn't yet see the big picture. Here's a link to a series of articles re: the "ultimate goal of the sustainable plan"

    Sustainable Development = Destruction of this Civilization
    Parts 1-2-3-4 can can be accessed from this cached page (look for the highlighted yellow/aqua):

    I for one am not offended that I am part of the "problem." I have lived far better than most of my ancestors and may yet live far longer too. I have consumed and polluted far more than any of them in my lifetime as well. Why should I be ashamed of that, even now that I am aware of it? I cannot change until the system changes and vice versa.

    Were you a bus driver or something? (j/k = the big black smoke that comes out of bus exhausts ;-)

    Agree the system needs to change, but do you see greed decreasing or increasing? In other words, I don't see it happening.

    As for being part of the problem, you're not a corporation dumping toxic waste into the river and stuff like that. So it's more the big guys than the little guys, imho. So don't beat yourself up. ;-)

    Besides, don't sweat the long term stuff, as the Lord will come back and "bring to ruin those ruining the earth..." (not trying to sound like a JW, but it is a scripture. And I'm still a Jesus/Bible-believer, FWIW. It definitely helps! -- And that verse doesn't apply to the little guys who have to drive gas-driven cars because we don't have a choice, either financially or whatever. That verse applies to the big guns who are REALLY ruining the earth, imho, and who will do moreso in the future, nukes, etc.)

  • dawg

    All that you who have written about greed is true, and folks like Burns who ignore history and still cling to the worn out and dis proven theory that a market based on greed can self regulate, have lost their minds.

    There have been so many examples the last 150 years in US history that markets based on greed fail, it's mind boggling that people like Burns continue to argure for deregulation... Honestly, it's down right insane!

  • cameo-d

    I don't get it.

    Why do you people act like you didn't see it coming?

    It's been obvious for a long time.

    It's like it just hit you in the head and you just now figured it out.

  • moshe

    Inflate the dollar by 100% and these toxic loans will show a profit. The worthless paper debt money has been traded by the Gov't for hard assets- actually a pretty slick trick. it will all work out for the Federal reserve- not so sure about the retiree and low income citizen. It appears that supply side economics does not work as soon as commodities begin to be in short supply- like oil. At some point socialism is the only method that will make sure that the little person doesn't get priced out of his dwelling-

  • Confucious


    Me thinks... socialism is bad.

    As Jesus said... you will always have the poor among you.

    There will always be people of means and people that just scrap by.

    But the wealthy should be celebrated.

    The best in this world you can hope for is that you bust your a$$ and hope that you and your children's childrens can live a better life.

    I used to be the type that thinks "screw the old money bastards."

    But really... think about this.

    Most old money families can be traced back to one MF'er that just Kicked A$$ during his time. And that MF'er passed on his weath to his son's and daughters.

    So why should them or their children be penalized?

    If the "little person" is so disadvantaged, they need to pick themselves up by their bootstrap.

    Because if you trace back to each one of the wealthy families around today... Hilton, Vanderbilt, Rockefeller.

    You can trace their linage back to one freak'in bad a$$ fella that came from nothing and made a mint.


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