Wrecking of United States of America

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  • PrimateDave

    Burn, you made very good points in your post, but the rot goes even deeper than that.

    The Real “Inconvenient Truth”

    Unfortunately, the probability that we will choose to modify our distorted worldview and our dysfunctional resource utilization behavior is essentially zero. We will not implement an American Cultural Revolution; and we will not opt to transition voluntarily to a sustainable lifestyle paradigm. As human beings, and especially as self-entitled Americans, we have demonstrated little capacity for self-limiting behavior—especially if it involves drastic reductions to some combination of our population level and material living standards.

    We simply lack the collective will to reduce voluntarily our ecological/economic “footprint” to a sustainable size, and to live forever within the constraints imposed by that reduced footprint.

    Instead, we will use the remaining ecological and economic resources available to us in futile attempts to perpetuate our American way of life at all costs, even as we encounter increasingly severe resource supply shortages and disruptions. Nature will inevitably intervene through disasters, disease, pestilence, and famine to force our transition to sustainability through societal collapse—unless we annihilate ourselves in the meantime through domestic and international resource wars.

    We may have forgiven ourselves for being uninformed or misinformed; but Nature has not forgiven anybody…

    From America’s self-inflicted societal collapse.

    I surely hope that the situation presented by the author of that article is overly pessimistic, but only time will tell. I don't even think that this is political in nature because no politician would ever recommend the solutions that this author is suggesting and expect to remain in office, or even win an election for that matter.

    As for the current monetary high jinks, the way I see it they really have no choice. They fear that a true market correction at this point would end civilized life as we know it. May we live in interesting times, indeed.


  • abbagail

    That "Inconvenient Truth" is nothing but a big piece of "Eco-Terrorist" propaganda.

    Oh, the outlook is pretty much accurate, but the REASONS and the RESULTS are where the big fat lies are, such as:

    A. Trying to make humans be guilty for merely being "alive" on the "planet" and using its "resources" (and I'm not talking about those who go overboard from gluttany to greed all the way down the line to litterbugs). But whenever you see the word "footprint" as if my existence (taking up "space" ie "footprint") is a bad thing, beware.

    B. Talking about "Nature" as if it had its own BRAIN to make decisions of if/when/where it will "choose" to "intervene" to cause pestilence, famine, etc. Nature is not a "Mind," It does NOT have a "Brain."


    Those are the two biggest lies of the globalists who want to seduce earth's inhabitants into thinking that "Mother Nature" is out to "get you" if you are "bad" by not sucking up to their goal of a One World Utopia, including their Depopulation Agenda.

    It is HUMANS who have the MINDS, BRAINS and EVIL HEARTS to "intervene" and cause the bad scenarios described. It is the self-same globalists who create (read: Manipulate) the financial crashes, food and oil shortages, wars, etc. which in turn create famines and disasters, and their Nazi scientists have been busy for decades coming up with diseases and pestilences they can use to Depopulate the planet for THEIR own SELFISH ends. As for the now-more-frequent and more-intense "natural disasters" look into Weather Warfare. It's happening. EVIL MEN CREATE THESE THINGS.

    Again, these things are REAL but the REASONS they are telling you they are happening are FALSE. They are brainwashing you to believe that when all *H* does break loose, that "Mother Nature" is "mad" and just, well, she just HAD to "react" to "fix" the situation. They will blame it on the mindless "Mother Nature" while THEY hide behind her and get away scott free as usual.


  • PrimateDave

    abbagail, I have looked at the anti-globalist videos and information by Alex Jones and others. They seem to make a pretty good case for some kind of elite agenda, but I weary of their presentation. They want to wrest control from the elites, and for what? Unfortunately, there is no ideal solution, and I don't buy into the promises of idealists anymore. I can't say I relish the thought of being manipulated by elite propaganda. At the same time, I can't see where you or I can do anything but keep on living "normal" lives, come what may. So, basically, consider my posting a kind of intellectual exercise for me, myself, and I.

    I can't see how this article comes across as "elite eco-terrorism." This guy is preaching to the choir, so to speak, that is to those few who may try to see where our collective course of actions may take us in the future. He says, "This is how things are going to fall apart, and there is nothing anyone will do about it." No one in the mainstream press is going to cover the points presented in that article. Besides, terrorism is only covered when the elites can use it to tighten control. Anytime there is a perceived instability in the system, efforts are made to shore it up by imposing greater controls. Bad news by itself doesn't sell advertising, and the elites want you to buy that new hybrid SUV. They want you to be able to refinance your home and buy big screen LCD televisions and Sony PlayStation 3 video game consoles. The mantra of the elites is "Growth Is Good." The Globalist elite says, "Let's all get rich together!"

    Finally, the author knows that no one will accept the politically and socially unacceptable steps that may be required for a smooth transition to a sustainable future. I for one am not offended that I am part of the "problem." I have lived far better than most of my ancestors and may yet live far longer too. I have consumed and polluted far more than any of them in my lifetime as well. Why should I be ashamed of that, even now that I am aware of it? I cannot change until the system changes and vice versa.


  • sammielee24

    This was from a UK blogger..Mike Robinson ....how others see it...........sammmieswife.

    As I write this, in a real sucker punch, the FTSE is up 10% so far today. Hooray, the world is saved!

    Or not.

    What could be behind this insane, hysterical reaction?

    One reason is that late yesterday, the FSA called a halt to short selling of financial stocks in the UK. As a result, many (t)raders have had to get themselves out of short positions. That musta hurt!

    The second, much bigger, reason is that the US Treasury Secretary, Hank Paulson, in collusion with the US Congress, is about to commit an act of blatant treason.

    Instead of doing the right thing, which would have been to place the system in administratrion (bankruptcy reorganisation), he has decided to make the United States itself bankrupt.

    The bankers are laughing up their sleeves.

    What Paulson has announced is this: he will establish a Federal agency to buy up what will amount to trillions of dollars of bad debt. The debt will become the liability of the US taxpayer. The bankers will get off scot free. The US will also insure investors in US money-market funds, which have seen significant withdrawals in recent days.

    The idea is that, in a reflection of the Resolution Trust Corporation, the debt will be warehoused so that it can get the chance “for much of it to recover a portion of its value.”

    But make no mistake, as far as the financial system is concerned, this will achieve nothing, other than delay the inevitable once again.

    The real benefit for Paulson’s controllers, is that long held goal of the financial elites - the end of the United States, and that pesky Constitution.

    What about us, here in the UK? For us, there’s the small matter of the spectre of hyperinflation which will make Weimar Germany pale into insignificance.

  • BurnTheShips

    I always enjoy your posts PrimateDave.

    Food for thought.


  • Confucious


    The mess we are in right now is OUR GREED. This is the American Public's doing.

    We are suffering through a domino effect because Americans bought houses they couldn't afford.

    And other people who COULD afford their houses, use the leverage from ther "so-called" appreciation of their homes to buy another home they thought they could flip for a profit.

    It was a Ponzi Scheme that couldn't last forever.

    There was easy money in real estate.

    People would put a deposit on a pre-construction condo with no intention of ever owning it.

    They thought that they could use the deposit - and when it got built - the property would appreciate - and they would sell it to the next person. The NEXT person buying it with the intention of selling it when the property appreciated even more.

    That is the fundamental underpinning of what went on.

    Add to that that Wal Street bundled up these "bad mortgages" into securities and you have our problem today.

    But the rant you gave... seems to blame the Federal Reserve. Seems the Federal Reserve is the new Boogie Man.

    If you love the Gold Standard so much - then you go back to it if you want.

    Just buy gold. You can own all you want. And when you want to buy something - sell the gold in exchange for U.S. Dollars.

    But understand the connection between the Gold Standard and the Great Depression.


  • SixofNine

    "The mess we are in right now is OUR GREED."



    Well, that's hard to argue against. But let me give it a shot :-D. Seriously though, the problem with labeling "the problem" as "greed", is that greed is a constant. It's not like people suddenly got more greedy in the past 4 years or 8 years or even 20 years.

    Humans are greedy. That's a given.

    The question is how to keep greed, which we know beyond a shadow of a doubt we will encounter today, tomorrow, forever, from harming society, and to the extent possible channel it for society's good.

  • Confucious


    I understand what you are saying.

    And it is true... not everyone was out there flipping.

    But yeah... the bundling of the mortgages and the sale of them. That was a big, big part of it.

    I guess my point - there was a ton of people along the way that could have blew the whistle. And it seems everyone was content to "play the game."

    The real estate agents - they knew how to play the game. They knew where to find the sub-prime lenders to get the money.

    The real estate lawyers - the signed on to these "no-doc" loans.

    The morgage brokers - they were in on it.

    And certainly the homeowners were as well.


  • Confucious


    I think that's the core argument.

    Like you said - and brilliantly so.

    "It wasn't like suddenly we've become more greedy."

    But what is the solution - more regulation? More rules?

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