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  • Caedes

    Great show, just started watching season 1 on DVD.

  • DaCheech

    grrrrrrrrrrreat, my wife loves it too!

    he is badasssssssssss.

  • ataloa

    Reply to Spoiler Alert!

    Did anyone see last night's episode, and then the preview for next week's episode?

    Was the preview insinuating that Miguel was selling Dexter out with the cops, towards the end of the preview???

    It certainly seems that way, doesn't it? I didn't like the turn the show took with Miguel knowing about Dexter.

  • ataloa

    For those like me who don't get Showtime, all the episodes can be seen here, a couple of days after they air:

  • sacolton

    I never miss an episode. It had me at "hello".

    Miguel is obviously using Dexter as his own puppet to do the killings he wants. Dexter ain't nobodys bitch.

  • leavingwt

    This third season just keeps getting better. Last night's episode was number six, so the season is half over.

    What is the deal with Deb's partner, Quinn? Is he really a bad guy or what?

  • leavingwt
  • NewChapter


    I love love LOVE Dexter. I watched 2 edited versions on (might be comcast now) and immediately ordered showtime! I was still a halfway dub when I found it, and occasionally felt guilty. So, I guess the warnings were right! I watched DEXTER, and now I post here.

    John Lithgow was THE CREEPIEST EVER. Julia Stiles was another genius move--but her season sometimes disturbed me. Still, I can't wait for next season. Dex seems to be acting a bit more human on the INSIDE. I wonder if that is how they will wind the series down. I've researched sociopaths for a story I wrote, and some of what I read says they tend to mellow some in later life. Of course, not always though.

  • DaCheech

    Last season was another up from before.............. will it jump the shark?

    people write in your "jump the shark" storyline...........................





  • miseryloveselders

    Let me ask you guys and gals something, and if this is thread hijacking, please let me know and I'll post another thread regarding what I'm about to ask you........

    What does it say about our culture today, that a serial killer is the hero, or antihero? Is it a good thing, or a bad thing? On the blvd that I take to get to work, there's a huge billboard sign for this show. He has a hood on, and its speckled with blood. I find myself questioning the appropriateness of advertising the show in that fashion. I mean he's a friggin serial killer, and he's the star of the show!

    I remember years ago when Fox was just starting to compete with NBC/ABC/CBS for the primetime sitcom market, they had a show called Profit, which I loved. The star of the show was this amoral business executive who goes around trying to ruin the lives of his competition at the company. He sleeps in a cardboard box, naked. The show didn't last long, but looking back on it, as I've gotten older, I don't thnk I should have been watching that anyway.

    Is our culture headed in the right direction with shows like Dexter? I'm not judging, just thinking out loud.

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