Is it too late?

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  • Hikaru

    Just wondering. With watching the world news and all and seeing how close the GT is. Wondering, is it too late to go to meetings with grandma again? I've heard about the unforgiveable sin where a person can never change or be forgiven. But I don't fully understand it, or really know what it is. But basically... I internet dated a boy. (No judgment or comments to that please...) And well when he asked me to prove that I loved him. I kinda...renounced Jehovah.... basically I told him. That if the world ended tomorrow, I would choose to rather die with him then to live to the new system without him...So I kinda chose him over god and hole heartedly loved him rather then god.... Is that too bad of a sin to try again?

    It's not as if I was baptized or anything, but I just stopped going completely and stayed even longer on the computer 24/7 after that. But now he's.... left the internet. And with the world events as they are, I'm getting scared of the end again....

    So I repeat, yes/no... Is it too late to start again? Or did I choose my fate when I said that?

  • Hikaru

    I'm aware.... But my fear overrides any love... I even asked myself once. "If the world wasn't ending, would I even bother with religion?", The answer was no.... I know it's the wrong reasons... But I really, really don't want to die. But if I said I'd choose a human over god, isn't that kinda one of the worst things to do?

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Welcome, Hikaru!

    I don't have a direct, Biblical answer to your question, but I'd encourage you to stay on the net. With or without a boyfriend.

    It's been said that the internet is friendly to correct information and opinion but not to "Truth" and its companion authoritarianism. I'm pretty sure you'll get all the reassurance you'll need that you are not a lost soul!

    Best wishes on a fantastic journey,


  • Hikaru

    ..Not if the world ends next week. No offense, but that really doesn't answer nor help the -original- question I stated...

  • mrsjones5

    Please use that internet that you are on 24/7 and do some research on the jws. Study their history. Look for the real truth about the "truth". It's never too late.


    P.S. you can start here

  • Octarine Prince
    Octarine Prince

    I looked up the meaning of your name:

    Light; shining

    Go ahead and allow your light to shine on the hidden lies of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

  • ataloa

    Peter denied Jesus.

  • Hikaru

    He denied him out of fear to save his own life. But he didn't mean it.... I meant what I said at the time. And it wasn't really denying, as choosing something over God....Doesn't help that the kid was a satanist. But thanks for actually trying to answer.

    *sigh* To the rest, I should of known better then to propose the question here. Kinda foresaw getting answers about the WT lying and the end not being close. But if it's not and they are...then okay....... But if is near...isn't it better to be safe then sorry? I would rather go back in fear and hope that changes to love. Then to feed doubt and if it does come happen to be true be stuck with the dead ones. I think... then again you're all older and probably know more.

  • mrsjones5

    Sounds like you want us to tell you to go back but you must understand that we here don't operate out of that watchtower induced fear...

    So take my advice and do some won't hurt and will help.

    No pity party, get off your hinny and do some work.

    Oh and there will be other boys or better yet wait for a real man.


  • yknot


    Belated welcome to the forum!

    The answer within the Christian faith is a simple one.

    Ask sincere forgiveness and you will be forgiven.

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