To SO CAL: What CO's and DO's do we all know?

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  • IreallydidwalkoutofaKH

    Okay, in order it goes like this for me............Brother Peace 1980-83, Brother Rose 1984-86, Brother Yasko 1986-88, Brother Sekella 1988-91, Brother Billy Ford 1992-95, Brother Davis 1996-99, Brother Irskin 2000-03 and then it gets kinda blurry....Brother Burge and another, Brother Hairston. Okay, that just about does it. I have this topic becauce I tried reading the favorite CO and DO thread, but did not recognize any names......

  • Jeremy C
    Jeremy C

    As you may remember, current GB member Samuel Herd was the District Overseer for the Los Angeles area back in the early 1980s. I can still remember his twangy voice echoing throughout the Norco assembly hall. When he spoke, the auditorium sounded as if one was sitting in a Texas cattle show instead of at the Faithful Slave’s feet.

    Charles Senudko was also the D.O. for the Los Angeles area in the early 1980s. I remember his booming voice at the Dodger Stadium conventions; wondering if his talks were going to blow out one of the Society’s speakers.

    One of the most memorable traveling overseers in my lifetime was D.O. J.D. Howard. He was a large African American brother who seemed to always be pre-occupied with vilifying the fads of the black friends from the podium. The man was a certifiable high chair tyrant who was known for going on tirades regarding people’s dress and grooming. I personally saw him chew people out for the most trivial and insignificant matters. There was no love lost when he got reassigned.

    Here are some Circuit Overseers that I remember: Schlaegal, Russell Weaver, Dan Wheeler, Brad Lovett, Franklyn Park, Frank McCasslin, and William Ward.

  • BonaFide

    I was out of the country for 11 years, but I was often on vacation here and I always went to meetings and in service.

    Kin Suen, C.O. - Encouraged me to pioneer, I really always liked this brother, I still do. Its hard to believe that he is wrong about anything.

    Bill Baxter - D.O. "The Six blind Men from Indostan." He gave that illustration a lot. Very nice also.

    Steve Kormendi - C.O. - He made me a little uncomfortable because he talked about his dietary stuff from the platform.

    Wilbur Filson - Old Anointed brother, passed away a few years ago. Everyone respected him.

    Elmer Woodley - Younger C.O. in the 80's, he was really cool to me. Recommended me for stuff and put me on the assembly.

    Brad Lovett - I only met him once I think, when I was here on vacation

    Brother Hester - Extremely kind to the friends, as far as I saw, but tough to the elders. I understand he is no longer a C.O. because he disagreed with the Society on something.

    Brother Rucker is the current C.O. in English around here. Seems reasonable. However at the Circuit Assembly he said he hated it when the elders called brothers and sisters into the back room. But he supports the arrangement. Doesnt make sense.

    Brother Charles Velours - I went to his wife's funeral. Such a sincere brother. At a talk at a circuit assembly he said, "I understand we are all having a hard time in these last days. I wake up exhausted every morning, and I am tired all day. So I understand you brothers."

    Brother Darryl Butler in the Sign Language congregations as a C.O. Also brother Adam Weigan is C.O. in Sign Language, very, very, nice brother.

    Brother Gordon Merrill - In Missouri area years ago, he used to partake. Then I heard he didn't. Loved the deeper things.


  • BizzyBee
    Brother Sekella 1988-91,

    Paul? A real dreamboat with wavy hair when he was young. He married a beautiful girl (something Cristentello) from the congo I grew up in.......they must be in 70's now...

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty
    Brother Hester

    He was from detroit area. I knew his nephew.

  • MochaLatte

    I had Sylvester and Gloria Bennett when I was in Brooklyn, NY. They were a middle-aged black couple and I believe they were from North Carolina or thereabouts. They were very personable and liked to go out and do things outside of congregation activities. I don't know if they're still in the work or what became of them.

  • uninformed

    Bill Ward--fairly nice after a real battle we had with him

    Bill (Vasil) Sekela--fairly arrogant

    Darrell Halvorsen--pretty nice

    Fred (asshole) Cua--boy could I tell you a story on this asshole

    Fred and Gloria Lanier--great folks

    Ernie Bennett (late 60's--lived out of the trunk of an old 1960 Chevrolet with his wife)--really old time colporter type

    ??? Bradshaw--Real nice, 1980+ Northeas Texas--Worked with kids a lot

    Steve Misterfield--not so great

    Eugene Brandt--pure asshole

    ??? Shropshire--pretty nice, kind of like a little 'banty rooster'--died broke and sick in Texas in a trailer. Thanks WT.

    David Schroeder--had a nice wife. He was pretty much a space cadet.

    Lynn Godfrey--I think he was a closet apostate. Had the goods on me once and was easy on me. He and Twyla were very unhappy in the circuit work. I liked him

    John Connolly--from the mid-60's served our prison congregation in Springfield, Missouri

    seemed like dozens more, but can't recall any more.


  • 144001

    I don't remember any of their names. All I do remember about them was that all of them were old, and very negative. They would come to the congregation to criticize: "you're not putting in enough field service hours, your congregation is not receiving enough contributions, you're not placing enough books and magazines, and your kids make too much noise!"

    I had the pleasure as a young teenager of literally throwing one of those old farts out of my house, along with his wife. Yes, I got in heaploads of trouble for it, but it was very satisfying and very worth it. At that point, my parents got the message. "Don't bother trying any more with this rebellious kid. He'll only embarrass you."

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    CO's I've known: Newel, Dull, Yasko, Baxter, Guy Pierce...don't know any others off the top of my head.

  • Shawn10538

    Dan Wheeler - my pioneer school instructor and he married my brother

    Bro. Schlegel - I was young, but he was very popular

    Bro. Crist - he was old, defninitely dead now

    Bro. Wallen

    another guy named Wally (drawing a blank) my pioneer school other instructor)

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