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  • Summer wine
    Summer wine

    Its definately the little things that matter, even a small bunch of flowers bought at the petrol station on the way home would be nice.

  • sweetstuff

    I think there is a huge difference in wanting to feel appreciated and someone being romantic. I've dated very romantic guys, almost corny romantic, lol and some who weren't "romantic" at all but made me feel very appreciated. I don't think women have the market on romance but as some posters have mentioned, their 'idea' of romance might not the be same as a man's. Some men might think bringing home KFC so his partner doesn't have to cook is romantic. She might think...geez, yeah, KFC, oh joy, oh bliss. It depends on how you take it and how you appreciate what your partner does. If a woman is feeling unappreciated in a relationship, it could be she isn't appreciated and a talk on that subject might be in order. I personally find it very romantic when your man grabs you for an impromptu dance to a song you both love, even if you are in your pjs, at home. That's my idea of romantic. I love flowers of course, I am a woman but the little things impress me more. Like the OP said, after a wonderful dinner, a that was good, I'm going to bed would not be romantic but I'd find it romantic as hell if the guy gave me a hug and a kiss and said thanks babe, and then told me to go sit down while he cleaned all the dishes! Know any men like that?? LOL

  • Finally-Free

    In the romance department, most of the women I was involved with were unwilling to give as good as they got. There was only one who was memorable.


  • Summer wine
    Summer wine

    When my husband cooked dinner and added mushrooms ( cos he cant stand them) I was over the moon, but then im really sad LOL

  • sweetstuff

    See that was romantic Summer, he hated them but added them for you, very romantic IMO.

  • amama2six

    I'm not very romantic. :embarrassed: Of course most of the way I feel about romantic gestures (flowers, candy, gifts, etc.) comes from the fact that with all the kids we have we can't afford to be spending money frivolously. My husband is in the Navy so we are almost always broke, barely even able to cover our bills, let alone be buying each other crap.

    I'm fine with picked flowers or other simple (free) gestures, but I really don't require them. I get really angry, though, when a large chunk of money is spent on me...especially if it's something I don't even like or has no purpose. For instance, there was the Valentine's Day my husband spent 120 dollars on roses that the flower deliverer ended up leaving outside in the snow. They died, literally turned BROWN, by the next day. :mad: All I could think was how many things I NEEDED (clothes, things for the kids, etc.) that I had just watched DIE right before my eyes! Then there was the year a couple hundred got spent on a necklace for me despite that fact that other than my wedding ring (and tongue and naval piercings) I DO NOT WEAR JEWELRY!!! (Something I had told my husband on MANY occasions before.) This is especially so with necklaces as we have small children that would snap a necklace off my neck in two seconds flat. At the time I had been cooking with only a few crappy pans for quite awhile so I had him take the necklace back and get me some new cookware. :D I guess I am the woman that actually WOULD appreciate an appliance for her birthday/Christmas. hehehehe

    Now I suppose this might make me sound like a nasty, ungrateful b*tch but when it comes to what my kids need and I need to keep this family running I WILL get a bit b*tchy. I think preferring cookware to jewelry shows it was needed to make appropriate-sized meals for my family! I made a really special one for the hubby after he got it for me. ;) :D

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic

    Its definately the little things that matter, even a small bunch of flowers bought at the petrol station on the way home would be nice.

    For a while. Some women would throw them back at you if they knew you got them from the petrol station......(only kidding)

    Have you explained to him how you feel....?? He might just need a prod......????

  • John Doe
    John Doe
    I think John Doe is a closet romantic who likes to make sexist comments and push the ladies buttons so no one will find out his dirty little secret!

    I push buttons because they're there and so conspicuous.

  • Devilsnok

    Babygirl said.

    I don't think a man bringing you flowers in a beginning of a relationship is coming on to strong or that they have alterior motives. I think that is some men's way of showing that they have feelings for you and would like to know you better.

    From an aliens point of view.. The giving by males of dismembered vegetable sexual organs to the female of the species indicates that "they have feelings" for them and " would like to get to know them better"

    Women are WEIRD.

  • Crumpet

    If you mean romantic as in knowing what is the perfect gift for your partner and remembering anniversaries and birthdays then women are better.

    But I actually think romance is in the right words, the sincerity at the right time, not because its an occasion, but just showing unexpected appreciation and love and understanding - then men can be a lot better at this. Knowing my boyfriend (and I dont even like using that word because it just feels like its just not enough to describe what he is to me) understands me, often better than I do myself, is the most romantic thing in the world.

    Romantic for me:

    is knowing that he tries harder to be the best person he can be because of me.

    that he trusts me enough to share his woes, nightmares, and discouragements as well as his joys, dreams and achievements

    and that he would want to share his life with me - that is a an unceasing source of pride and wonder.

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