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  • Summer wine
    Summer wine

    Personally, I think they are ............and from an early age but why? From personal experience men need to feel loved, wanted and appreciated but have a bypass from romance. Is it just my husband or do you men feel pressured to be "be romantic"

    I feel hurt, snubbed and unappreciated when I feel I need a bit more than " That was a nice dinner" (snore) im off to bed.

    I am being a bit light hearted here, as some of you know things are more serious, BUT I want to know why women are more inclined to tolerated to put up with second best from the start. No kids, no commitment........................but still settle and want love and romance. I see it happen every day young girls and its never changes. They really think the arsole they are with will change.................young men never feel like this , why is it always the girls that want to settle down

  • FlyingHighNow

    I wish men were more romantic. They don't realize what they would gain from taking the initiative in being romantic.

  • SuperApostateGirl

    You might want to try a

    Sparkly Man, just kidding! Not all men are hopeless at romance but I believe a large number are missing that gene!

  • Hope4Others

    Is there possibly any reasonable doubt there.....they.... (guys......hello....) could be getting a lot luckier...


  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I have romance coming out of my ass.

  • SuperApostateGirl

    Your picture clearly states that!

  • Summer wine
    Summer wine

    I am constantly telling girls to stop texting, ringing guys . Men love hard to get, but the girls wont listen. They have sex on there first date!

    Why Dont men like romance?

    Is it a girl thing?

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic

    Who says men aren’t romantic……???? We’re not all the same……!!

  • llbh

    No i do think so per se. Some men are romanitic alot as you imly are not, The same can be said the other way round.

    I love French music and Jazz, these are often romanitic. Madame Bouvery by Flaubert is romantic too.

    Interestingly i have very good friend who is gay and wih whom i eat out once a month, and he always takes his partner home nice chocs or colognes when we have been in London together.

    But i do take your point


  • free2think

    Who says men aren’t romantic……???? We’re not all the same……!!

    Mr Maj I'll let you prove that one when we meet. In a group of course.

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