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  • John Doe
    John Doe

    My experiences indicate the opposite.

  • Mr. Majestic
    Mr. Majestic
    Mr Maj I'll let you prove that one when we meet. In a group of course.

    Hang on.......I didn't say that I was.................. although I didn't say I wasn't......???

    So what's your guess then F2T.......?????

  • beksbks

    I think Mr Majestic is correct. Men can be very romantic. I also think women often fail to recognize/appreciate it.

  • free2think

    So what's your guess then F2T.......?????


  • serendipity

    Since women have different ideas of romance, it's up to them to educate their men as to the details and desired frequency.

  • flipper

    If Keyser has romance coming out his a$$ - I have romance coming out my front ! Just ask my wife ! I'm an explosion of romance wrapped into one ! Love to get her flowers , cook for her, stare into her googly eyes , and generally love being a romantic guy . I guess you can tell - we are happy ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • John Doe
    John Doe
    Since women have different ideas of romance, it's up to them to educate their men as to the details and desired frequency.

    Ah, here's one who has no comprehension of what romance is.

  • yknot

    I think it depends on the person and their reaction to another person......

    I don't inspire 'romantic' in my husband nor he in I............but we are more emotionally connected in ways that scare the hell out of our highly independent selves. I know that we both tend to romanticize our relationship in terms of how we met and our destiny to each be the 'one' but that is as far as it goes. After that it is the day to day lives, the knowing of little reasons why.

    But those I tend to be attracted to on the rebound (I had a dating 'pattern') are the exact opposite and brings out that side of me too! We write poetry and love songs to each other. Each plan sentimental dates or set very memorable moods and talk about being together 'forever'. Anticipation is played to the max and often never fulfilled so much as savored. Yet I could never see myself lasting in a marriage.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I am constantly telling girls to stop texting, ringing guys . Men love hard to get, but the girls wont listen. They have sex on there first date!

    Why Dont men like romance?

    Is it a girl thing?

    I am not saying all men, but for too many of them, the above quote is true, a girl who lays it all out easily is no challenge. And like it or not, admit or not, many men do like a challenge.They like the pursuit/chase and the strategy of "conquering" a lady. I've watched some guys pine for months over some plain jane girl they can't have, while I see them make conquest after conquest and toss beautiful girls aside like used kleenex.

    I have rarely seen a man who is Hollywood romantic. But Andy ordered a DVD from China for me for my birthday one year, because it was a movie l loved as a 13 year old and not available on DVD in the US. That meant a lot to me and it still means a lot. He used to make coffee and bring it to me in the mornings on my days off. He folded laundry so neatly and carefully put it away. He helped me care for the boys and he taught them to play chess and Monopoly. He brought me roses when I got a job one time. In his own simple way he was romantic.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Romance is not dictating what you want and need and having a slave fulfill it. Romance is anticipating what would make the object of your affection feel special and loved--something that they didn't know they needed or wouldn't have known they wanted. Romance is not a scheduled event set to a certain "frequency," romance is being upbuilt when it is unexpected, and knowing the motivations are pure. Romance is the anticipation of opening a gift from an old friend, perpetual, constant, and unending.

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