What is your strangest "supernatural" JW story?

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  • cantleave

    There were so many Ouija board stories in the JW's. I remeber someone telling me that if you asked an Ouija board god's name it would spell out


    I want to try that at my next birthday party, But of course I am going to use a scientific approach and put the letters face down in random order so none of the players can be influenced.

  • hamsterbait

    I remember I was alone in the house. I was eighteen at the time.

    I could hear the hiss of Demon breathing under my bed. Everytime I moved they breathed harder - so I just froze, praying and praying and praying for protection - and eventually went to sleep.

    Next morning trembling, I looked under the bed.

    My mother had put a box under the bed with things in a large polythene bag. It was the air hissing every time I moved....

    Though I have had one or two wierd experiences that I find hard to explain.


  • sizemik

    We had an old German dude in a wheelchair who was a (sort of) pioneer. One day out in service alone, he dropped a wheel over the edge of the path and toppled over. He managed to collect himself and find his magazines ... all still within easy arms length, despite the very windy day. He reckoned an Angel had put his foot on them. He went on to place them all that morning.

    Although, this supernatural asshole was quite happy to stand back and watch him fall over in the first place . . .

  • Bella15

    There is a Smurf story in every country...lol... I once made up a story so my mom would not take me back to conduct this particular bible study...lol...lol...lol....really...

  • notjustyet

    Family member told me that the WTBTS has a "on call" brother that travels around the USA performing what I would consider exorcisms for the friends where the elders are not able to handle it.

    Sounds bogus to me.

    I mean someone admitting the elders can't handle something, come on!!!


  • Ucantnome

    I have several. One recently was about possession objects flying across the room and breaking things. I know the people well.

    Some years ago a brother in our congregation who had been a spirit medium told me, while we worked together in the field service, how prior to his baptism he would get visits most nights from several spirits who would attack him physically. Upon baptism they were kept out of the house but would still show up at his bedroom window. He told me he could tell me their names but he wouldn't as I could become involved.

  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened

    I've been hearing all these 'spooky' stories my entire life. After reading all these, something dawned on me. Riddle me this Batman... What happens when a JW is 'harassed' by demons? Don't they usually start praying and get more spiritual and closer to the organization? Not once have I heard that the JW leaves the org. because of being harassed by demons So, my question then, Why would demons harrass JW's if it just pushed them closer to the org? So either the org is Satan's org and they want the JW's under more control? Or the demons are idiots and forcing JW's back into the fold?????

  • Fed-up


    That the FAITHFUL AND DISCREET SLAVE miraculously became the GB and that they are not inspired but ARE spirit Directed.

    Now thats supernatural!

  • cobaltcupcake

    Back in the early '70s when my family was new in the twoof there was an elder who told us about what had happened in our congregation a few years earlier.

    It seems that many in the congregation were having terrible demon troubles (he gave enough specific examples to prevent me from sleeping for days) so they called the Society. Mother quickly dispatched a SWAT team from the Service Department.

    They met with the local brothers and told them that our little town (Waterville, Maine) was a known center of demon activity. For years there had been an annual witches' conference held there at some old hotel that had eventually burned down. Another known center of demon activity was Salem, Massachusetts (lending credence to the infamous witch hunt from centuries earlier).


    In any case, the SWAT team told the local brothers that there were rules of war between the angels and the demons. One of them was that if there was a "demonized" item in the house it could be neutralized by moving it outside of the roofline of the home. This method could also be used as a test for a suspect item. Also, the demons could not read your thoughts, but they could take anything you said out loud and use it against you.

    The sad thing about all of this silliness is that I later married this brother's son and became part of the madness. We had to live with them for a few months, and while we were there everyone in the family experienced some form of demon harassment. There was an unused shed on the property that eventually became so full of suspect items that they started using an old van for additional storage.

    My ex-husband was full of stories about demon harassment that he had experienced. One time, his parents bought a bed from a Methodist minister, and during the night he got punched right through the mattress. His sister kept seeing shadowy figures moving just at the edge of her peripheral vision, but they'd disappear when she turned her head to look. Once they got rid of the bed all of the spooky stuff stopped.

    Most of the time the "harassment" was just a heebie-jeebies feeling when walking past a room or suddenly waking because you heard your name shouted in your ear.

    Of course, something he left out of that story was that their father was a violent man who frequently woke his children by beating them for whatever naughty things they'd done during the day. My guess is that the punch through the mattress was his father hitting him while he slept. The sister had a vivid imagination.

    Living with a man so indoctrinated with this demon mythology came at a cost. Twice during the course of our 27-year marriage we had to get rid of all of our furniture, old photos, and other stuff that had come from questionable relatives. Usually, the reason he suspected the demons was that he and I were upset with each other or had an unresolvable issue.

    Since leaving him and the organization I haven't had a single incidence of demon harassment even though I'm a mentally diseased apostate.

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