Personal Experience I've Never Shared - I Hope it Helps Some Here !

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  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I have to wonder if you had upset one or more of these guys. This sounds like a classic case of gonna-teach-him-a-lesson syndrome. It could also be sophomoric crap that we used to do in high school by stripping a guy down to his bare ass and shoving him into the girls' bathroom! I think you did good by squirting the mustard at the guy. I probably would ahve caught each one all by his lonesome and kicked in their asses.

  • mrsjones5

    Jerks, the lot of them. Sorry that happened to you Flip.

  • BurnTheShips

    If they tried that with me there would be red on the trail.

    And it would not be ketchup.


  • BurnTheShips
    Perhaps they thought that you took yourself a little to seriously and were trying in their own ham-fisted way to get you to loosen up a little.

    Maybe he was too uptight.

  • NikL

    You are a good man Flipper. I am a nice guy and don't go looking for a fight but I can tell you that there would be a big can of Whoop Ass unleashed and damn the consequences I would be hurting someone. Thanks for the story

  • Hortensia

    I read all the posts in this thread. Very interesting. Do you feel better having told the story, Flipper? Does it help you to let it go, knowing that everyone feels the same as you do, that it was assault and abuse and indecent behavior? I hope so.

    I notice something else - it looks as though there needs to be an aposta-hike in the high sierras. I sense some longing for the great outdoors in some of these posts. When you all meet in Lake Tahoe area, are you going to have a hike?

    I used to do some hiking with a friend long ago. Lots of health problems since then, but I'd like a short hike somewhere majestic like the sierras.

  • flipper

    Thanks for all the kind responses; it truly is appreciated ! You are good friends- all of you !

    SAD EMO- That was the part that totally freaked me out- was that these fathers did this in front of their minor children ! It was ridiculous ! Yeah, I've recovered fine from it. It's kind of likecoming full circle being able to talk about it now.

    DAGNEY- Yeah- I'm a huge believer in Karma as well- you've got that right, it certainly happened in this case !

    KURT BETHEL- I used to always hike to the top of the mountain first before the other guys too ! Hey- Maybe they were jealous ? LOL! Who knows ? I just feel they were trying to dominate me in a totally unacceptable way !

    HOPE 4 OTHERS- Thanks for the kind words sis ! I could never have remained friends with those guys after that. I moved on fine and had normal friendships with men later , and had normal relationships with women as well - so no permanent damage .

    NELLY 136- Thanks for the links ! The New Zealand incident with the young man was truly tragic !

    COGNIZANT DISSIDENT- I'm sorry that happened to you too when you were young. You certainly were treated disrespectfully and cruelly - I hope you recovered too. I agree that it's wrong for parents to spank naked butts - especially in public ! It's just weird.

    SNOWBIRD- I think people that stoop that low do not know how to feel shame. I'm glad we are free of the witness hypocrisy too ! Thanks for the peace and love sis ! Same back to ya !

    RUTH EEKER- I agree - You expect this behavior from some teenagers - but men in their 20's and 30's ? Too weird. There really are a lot of a$$holes in positions of power in the congregation !

    JSTALIN- I'm sure their wives left them because of their abusive behavior ! Whether they got off looking at my ass , or not - Well, I think I'll take the 5th amendment on that one ! No comment . I don't know , nor really want to know ! LOL!

    BESTY- It was definitely cruelty and domination. And yes, they were idiots !

    FINALLY FREE- In answer to your question, " Had I hiked with them before?" Well, yes. I had been on 3 previous trips with these guys from 1980 till 1985 - so I wasn't a newbie. That's why it surprised me so much- took me totally unawares. As a matter of fact - I was the one who always got the trips together ! I was the more experienced backpacker of the group ! Perhaps it was a jealousy thing. By the way - I too like a good whiskey at the campfire ! Right on !

    AULD SOUL- I'm sorry you were abused when you were 15. Getting whipped with the belt was awful. I hope you healed in time !

    WHITE DOVE- Send a subscription to gay magazine to these guys wives ? LOL! I doubt seriously any of these guys are married today - if I was a betting man.

    WORLDY ANDRE- Yeah- I hear you. I've made " bear calls " on camping trips trying to scare people , and taken people on imaginary " snipe hunts " as well, but never felt the urge to pull someone's pants down ( other than my wife anyway ! ) LOL! Pretty freaky.

    TIRED of the HYPOCRISY- I would have done more against these guys, but it was 4 of them against 1 of me ! I think you are right - must have been a jealousy thing going on ! I never did anything negative to any of them. All I did was exist !

    MRS. JONES- Thanks for the kindness sis !

    BURN the SHIPS- There might have been blood on the trail if it had happened to you - but I guarantee it would have been your own blood as well ! You have to pick your battles carefully !

    NIKL- I hear you ! I felt like fighting- but what would that have accomplished in front of the children watching this go down ? That violence is the way to solve problems ? No thanks.

    HORTENSIA- Yes - I do feel better telling the story - as I feel like I've come full circle getting it out ! I've made some good guy friends now on the board - for a few years I could not after the incident. But now I feel like I can trust once again with meeting quality guy friends and it's all good.

    We might hike a little on the Tahoe trip- we have about 20 people scheduled to come - so it depends on what others would like to do as well ! Try to come if you can on the 4th of July - we'd love to have you ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • hubert

    When I was in high school, some guys tried to pants me in the automotive shop. They couldn't do it. I was wirey and small, and me and my best friend used to wrestle all the time, so I could get out of any hold they tried to get me in, before they could hold me good.

    Kinda like a greased pig.


    On another note, my best friend and I used to go down to the river and shoot our 22 cal. rifles, and one day we invited his cousin, who also had a 22. He shot a bullet right between my legs, just for fun.

    We never took him with us again.

  • flipper

    HUBERT- Wow ! I'm glad you avoided getting pantsed in school- however that psycho cousin of your friend could have killed you guys at the river shooting between your legs ! Jesus ! No wonder you never took him again ! We all gotta be careful who we take in the wild country with us ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • hubert
    that psycho cousin of your friend could have killed you guys at the river shooting between your legs !

    Yeah, and a little higher, and I'd be singing soprano now.


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