What's the BEST thing about being "out" of the "truth"?

by B_Deserter 56 Replies latest jw experiences

  • aimless

    celebrating all those lost holidays... (my birthday gets 3 days off now) being able to swear and create new and more interesting swears SUNDAYS Saturday morning cartoons (Yea i know I'm 20 but i miss out and Im making up for it now) playing whatever video games i like, reading whatever books i want, and watching whatever movies i feel like with out being worried that i will be corrupted or become demon possessed by the "magic" in my games. No more studying and prepping for meetings and no more awkward service days with sister "old as who gives a sh*t" who feels like lecturing about how much she dislikes me hair and dressing however I want to and not having to be worried about looking modest or clean cut and no more assembly days or conventions (i swear you could feel the judgement of the people around you) oh and there is that whole fornication thing with no boundaries but i figured we all had that on our bingo card of delicious rebellion ...that was really helpful... i was very depressed till I saw this post and it really made me look on the bright side. -Aimless

  • RollerDave

    Letting go of "US vs THEM" mentality was a big one for me.

    also not HAVING to discuss religion all the time. I can now just tell someone to bugger off instead of having to bring them around.



  • Ima Apostate
    Ima Apostate

    REAL friends, listening to and watching what I want, no nosy freaks sticking their nose in my business, drinking beer to excess, not feeling guilty for what I do with my husband, not going in field service, looking at my tattoos and contemplating more, freedom to be who I want without reprisal...

    Holy shit, I can't think of one thing I miss.

    Wait, I've got it... When we had 'get-togethers' with our congregation, which was 98% black. The food was so freakin' good. My parents couldn't cook.

  • trevor

    There are too many benefits to list but to me there is one freedom that I value above all else. The freedom to allow my mind to go wherever experience and knowledge take it without having to conform to a prearranged set of beliefs.

    If at times that takes me to nowhere - nowhere is a very peaceful and uncluttered place to be.


  • parlay

    Now knowing I have the freedom and the right to make my own life decisions

    Without feeling obligated to answer to any man or explain my reason for doing so.

    Free at last...Free at last...Good God Almighty we're free at last. - ML King.

  • Thechickennest

    Being a parent that can encourage and support your children in such things as higher education. Not loosing your children because they do want to be a witness.

    Not giving away life energy and money to a worthless cause.

    Planning for a real future instead of a fantasy.

    Resting on weekends

    Making plans that do not revolve around meetings and assemblies

    Accepting employment in a job that you enjoy, not one that allows time for all the witness activities.

    Not spending a small fortune on dress clothes.

    Just living.

  • sweet pea
    sweet pea

    Weekend lie-ins. 36 years of no lie ins was beginning to take its toll. LOL.

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