What's the BEST thing about being "out" of the "truth"?

by B_Deserter 56 Replies latest jw experiences

  • chickpea

    best thing?

    seeing my children become the people they were meant to be.....

  • IP_SEC

    I do who and what I want and dont worry about if dubs see me.

  • veen

    Freedom. Not having to lie. The ability to chose your friends. Being able to walk through town, minutes before a meeting in jeans and a t-shirt. Not being judged on everything you do. Being able to masturbate without fear of pleasing demons or becoming gay. Playing poker for cash.

  • lighthouse19something

    Seeing non-jw relatives during holidays

    looking forward to a varied sex life with my soon to be wife, the only boundries are the ones we set

    not being 'thrown-out' of a loving church for any little thing

    being in a church that gives real advice and counsel

    comtempary Christian music

    being free to be human

  • Casper

    It's already been mentioned, and I have to agree.... "FREEDOM"...

    I just couldn't take living in a box, like a lab rat any longer.


  • LouBelle

    I can be me, no excuses, no pretence.

  • BluesBrother

    Waking up Saturday morning and knowing that I can wander off to the coffee shop , or not , whatever...it is my choice .

  • bluesbreaker59

    Knowing that I never have to do service again

    Having a BEARD!!!!

    Having many more women to choose from as a life partner

    Having infinitely more people to choose from as friends

    Not having to deal with stuck up witness relatives

    Never having to sit through 6 - 8 hour days on weekends in dress clothes EVER AGAIN!!!

    Not giving money to a corrupt organization

    Being able to choose your faith (or not having one), and live it to the best of YOUR abilities

    No more petty judgement from Dubs


    Knowing that MY KIDS will never be brought up in a hate filled cult.

  • tak

    Saying "bless you" when someone sneezes

    "toasting" when others do

    no more d2d work, I always hated that

    Not having to force myself to go to meetings

    Not sitting at meetings thinking of some excuse why I have to leave half way thru, and then explaining why I had to leave!!

    Driving my 2 door honda civic

    Being with my non-witness boyfriend

    Spending my free time doing what ever the freeaaking heck I want!

  • brunnhilde

    Sunday mornings,


    Saturday mornings,

    weeknights relaxing with my family instead of struggling into prissy clothes to go sit and be bored,

    having an opinion and not worrying if it "STUMBLES" someone,

    not worrying about the blood issue if I or my family have surgery,

    freedom to follow a thought WHEREVER it goes, driving my two-door coupe!

    seeing my son fit in and having a great time at birthday parties,

    not having to pretend to enjoy the "friends" when they're really bigoted, rascist, ignorant, pompous fools,

    too many things to mention!


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