Why does an atheist have to disprove anything?

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  • real one
    real one
    But this change of attitude also is not acknowledgment of creationists' insistence on some divinity without having put in hard time studying the scientific underpinnings of their otherwise rather improbable existence. how much investigating are you doing?
  • trevor

    I guess Atheists feel the need to speak out against the crazy and damaging antics of those who are driven by belief in a God.

    Both Tony Blair and George Bush claim they entered into war with Iraq because God told them to! They were indoctrinated from birth to believe in the fantasy of a God they could speak to. They are just two of the many religious crusader who have blighted humanity in God’s name.

    Religion is not harmless and is at present, arguably the greatest threat to western civilisation and culture.

    Once people realise that we are in charge of humanity and neither Allah, Christ, Jehovah or the queen of fairies is guiding the human race, we can start to take a more responsible approach to government and relationships between nations.

    Until parents and schools stop damaging children’s minds with the unproven theory of a guiding and controlling God, those of us who are unconvinced will continue to speak out and protest.


  • Xena

    If you are going to challenge someone then you are the one that has to prove or disprove their belief. I believe what I believe, if you want to change my mind that's your issue not mine.

  • BurnTheShips
    If you are going to challenge someone then you are the one that has to prove or disprove their belief. I believe what I believe, if you want to change my mind that's your issue not mine.

    Thats how I see it too.

  • IP_SEC

    "god" cannot be disproved. "god" can be proved.

    The burden of proof is on the believer.

    Therefore atheists cannot/may not disprove anything. Only accept or not accept 'evidence' for god.

  • Caedes
    I don't have to know everything to know there is a God, but as for an atheist they would have to know everything to say there is no God

    Real one,

    Do you understand the meaning of special pleading?

  • Xena

    Poster A - I'm right and you are wrong. Plus you are obviously mentally challanged for believing how you do.

    Poster G - No I'm not.

    Poster A - Prove it!

    Poster G - You brought it up, prove me wrong.

    Poster A - I don't have to prove anything because what I believe doesn't require proof.

    Poster G - I get that but I'm not challenging your belief you are challenging MINE

    Poster A - So?

    Poster G - I have to prove to you I'm right when I'm not the one who has the issue here?

    Poster A - Exactly

    Poster G - This is a joke, right?

  • serotonin_wraith

    Person X: Ah what's this? A topic called 'Christians, You Are Wrong' in a public forum. Should I click on it? Hmm, okay.

    A whole two paragraphs. Should I read it? I know the topic heading, it's a fair bet to assume it's all about how Christians are wrong.

    I've read it, and I don't think I'm wrong. I'm going to respond and give a bunch of good reasons for my belief, like my belief makes me happy and God must be real because things are complicated. That'll show 'em. I'll also tell them they brought it up first. I wasn't pushing my beliefs (ah yes, I must remember to write a post explaining how it's my right to indocrinate my kids once I'm done here) so what right do they have to call me on mine?

    Ooh, a response!

    Person Y: Were you forced to read this thread?

    Person X: No.

    Person Y: Would you agree everyone here has the right to give their opinion here, no matter who may disagree with it?

    Person X: Well, yes.

    Person Y: Then can you please explain why you feel I'm forcing you personally to read and respond to my thoughts, when you didn't have to open the topic and you don't ever complain about other Christians being the first to promote their beliefs in topics no atheist is forced to read?

    Person X: Um, what if I was talking about real life situations?

    Person Y: Take it up with them.

  • Xena

    lol might be on the money if I were a Christian but I'm not.

    Try again.

  • serotonin_wraith

    Just as long as you agree with the basic premise. Apply it to person G.

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