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  • LouBelle

    I was 16 years old when I got baptised - 1992 - it was at one of the two day assemblies. Only a few of us got baptised.

    I pulled out the pictures - there I stood proudly with a friend of mine in our cosies (shirts over) towels wrapped around us. Then I have shot by shot me going into the pool, crossing my arms, getting dunked and coming back up out of the water - I don't know if I expected something awe inspiring to happen, a dove to fly on down or the heavens to be opened up, but I was a little disappointed.

    Disappointed but happy, if that makes sense. Happy I'd done it and now I was a fully fledged JW. That day my mom gave me a beautiful chain with a little disc on it - the date of my baptism engraved on the back. I treasured that. Afterwards, my witness family and I went to celebrate with dinner.

    How lighly that faith treats baptism. If one looks to christ for an example (as we were told to do) he was 30 years old - how did it not sink in that I was just a 16 year old girl with no much life experience and knowledge to make that kind of decision.

    Then that same year at the BIG convention, my twin cousins got baptised - I burst into tears of joy because other family members were now in the fold and I was so happy.

  • Nowman

    Baptized at 16 in 89 at the Sportsman or Hawthorne race track in Chicago, IL, it was the District Convention in the summertime. I wore a white dress with hot pink polka dots and stripes at the bottom, and white shoes that looked like ballet shoes, I was absolutely beaming. When I got out there to be dunked, I saw my dad the elder in the pool, it was a surprise he was going to baptize me. It was weird. My parents were so happy, which actually made me happy since they caused me so much grief and humiliation. But my baptism day was a great day for me, no punishment.


  • AgentSmith

    Got baptised at 24yrs old. Good day, sun shining, In fact it was scorching hot! Assembly at Nasrec Exhibition Centre +-1990/91. Was a 3 day assembly so there must have been thousands baptised that day. I was lucky that I was one of the first to go for a dip (was a hot day after all) because the water turned milky after a while. At least it was clear blue when I went in. ;)

    Still got the pics. The brother in the pic with me was df''d and then reinstated, lost contact...who knows where he could be now.

    Also expected a bit more from the experience, but as LouBelle said, happy that it was over and that I was moving 'up' the JW ladder. Now I can be a Ministerial servant see? Looking back, I did notice the last two baptism questions was a bit 'odd'. But I went along with it. If only.....

  • AgentSmith

    Double post... don't know how I did that....

  • momzcrazy

    I was 13, 1986. My parents were late getting there, and I was one of the first to get dunked. So they missed it all. But I told them that it was OK, Jehovah saw. DF'd by 16, but that's another thread!


  • sass_my_frass

    One of these days I'll hunt down and post the picture in the newspaper of me getting baptised.

  • WTWizard

    I had the misfortune of getting baptized when there were something like 80 getting dunked at the Grand Boasting Session. It was a waste of time.

    I wonder if the water is getting fouled (aside pranks where a group of teenagers is drinking, smoking weed, and peeing in the baptism pool or stunts like that) now. With groups as huge as 2 or 3 getting baptized, it is highly unlikely that the water is going to change color or become cloudy. I hope for the day when they don't even need to fill the damn pool.

  • justhuman

    Baptized in 1984 it was September and I was 17. And I got baptized before the 1985 oath change to "god's spirit directed organization" Any way I was happy believing I was doing Go's will, and a step for my salvation from the upcoming Armaggedon...remember it was 1984 and the end was so close at that time. We had the Generation that will not pass way, the 1914. the separation of the Goats and sheeps, and Freddie was kept alive by Jehovah to make it through Armageddon!!!

  • Velvetann

    I got baptized in the 1960's at the age of 15. I DID NOT want to do it, had nothing in my heart that said I should do this. My Dad was an Elder and insisted that I had to do it as an example for the rest in the congregation and he would be disappointed if I didn't do it. So under duress I did. I was disfellowshiped at 18. I think children/teenagers should wait until they are old enough to know what they want to do with their lives.

    Here is a UGH photo of my baptism. I hate the Ugly bathing suit and the bathing cap. also a photo of 3 of us awaiting our baptism, I am on the left. We don't look to happy.



  • babygirl75

    I was 13!!!! It was June of 1987 at a district Convention. Me & my BFF got baptized together. My mom did buy me a new bathing suit, which I loved!! Stayed in until 26yrs old when I was df'd.

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