Your JW Baptism

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  • Casper
    Oh Velvetann! That beautifully solemn baptism pic, enlivened with the two young boys smiling at your behind, is PRICELESS!

    I noticed that too, Velvetann... I agree.... Priceless...!!! Thanks for sharing that with us...

    I was 28 when I was baptised, in Louisville, KY. It took place at Broad bend Arena, in 1984. They had 2 swimming pools set up, Sisters in one, Brothers in another. There were about 80 of us that day.

    It was a happy day for me at the time.


  • BluesBrother

    I remember it so well. ..The old Victorian swimming baths at hometown, pulled down now, I was 13 over 4 decades ago. There had been no pre baptism questions with elders, No elders in those days ! I turned up with a borrowed pair of bathers, was dunked in the cold water - that was it. A friend of my big sister gave me of a congratulatory kiss (that was my best memory) I just felt that I belonged now and was in "the fold" ....

    It is ridiculous to make a dedication at that age. If it is to be taken seriously then it must be at an age of legal responsibility.

  • Layla33

    I still remember a girl I grew up with, who was baptized when she was about 15, she was so upset and crying about it, that she didn't interact with people the entire time of the convention. I think I was 13 then.

    Now, as an adult, I wonder if she was upset because they forced her to do it. Even now when I hear about her, she's like the occasional JW, fads in and out.

  • Quirky1

    Looking back I wish I would have drowned. That would have looked good for their persona!


  • maxwell

    Seems like I answere a similar question here before, but I'll do it again.:)

    I was 12. It was December 30 or 31, 1989. We were at the assembly hall in Memphis, TN. It remember a light mood behind the stage where the changing room was for the guys. I went into the water and when I came up, I was hyperventilating for some reason. I was concerned that people would think I was crying.

    There may be a picture somewhere in my parents' house, but I haven't seen it in years.

    I can't remember the exact date of my disfellowshipping now either (April 2002), but I think it is documented somewhere in my old posts here.

  • Velvetann

    Void!!!! 9 years old that is ridiculous, what were they thinking to make you do that. I am sure it wasn't your choice. I thought 15 was too young.

    I got baptised in a Galvinized watering trough, most of you were lucky at least you got a swimming pool.

  • Hope4Others
    voideater- I was 9, in 1969

    I find this really shocking, were you coerced into this? Any of your friends take the plunge at the same time?


  • yknot

    My JW baptism was .....DENIED !

  • YoungAmerican

    I always remember speakers saying during the baptism talk that this date (fill in the blank) 
    would be a date you always remember because it is THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY OF YOU LIFE! Well, I never could 
    remember the exact date, even when I was still in. I just remember it was in June of 1975 at the big assembly
    at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. Wow, I was only 14! I hadn't even thought of that in a long time. Never 
    really realized actually how friggin' young I was. I felt so pressured to do it. My dad was an elder too. 
    I fortunately had a great family life considering some of the stories I've read here. But very strict.
    My parents meant well and loved me and my sister dearly and treated us with lots of love and respect. 
    They were just so duped by the promise of paradise and living forever....... ahhhh how very sad.
  • LouBelle

    WoW void, only 9, you should have been playing cars or playing in the mud.

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