Having Sex With a Hot Sister

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  • Seeker4

    I was hoping that title would draw you in!

    I was just thinking this morning about a lot of the judicial meetings I was in over the years.

    I was remembering how, if it involved immorality and a good looking sister, it would not be unusual for one of the elders to comment on that. It seems, as I look back on that rather sick judicial committee arrangement, that a group of men were casting judgment on somebody for doing what they themselves were actually thinking about doing.

    Yet the Bible says to even think about having sex with someone is just as bad as doing it.

    So you end up with this perverse situation where you've got a group of men judging some guy for doing what they are thinking about doing themselves and are scripturally just as guilty for.

    It reeks of hypocrisy.


  • easyreader1970

    There was an elder in a congregation I used to go to that would openly flirt with younger, attractive sisters. He was in his 50s, so the sisters would be in the late 20s, early 30s range. Sometimes they would even be married. He wouldn't do it during or immediately after a meeting but if the congregation was working on the exterior of the hall or doing some form of construction where the atmosphere wasn't as dead, he would say things.

    He had alot of money, mostly due to the fact that his father had lots of money. And by lots, I mean in the millions range. He inherited his father's construction company and he was as arrogant as they came. There was another elder, too, that had that kind of money. They all bonded together to form some kind of elder mafia. They cursed in public, didn't care who heard them. This elder's son, a ministerial servant, even cursed out his own mother. For elders that didn't have that kind of cash (who does?) they would do favors for them like loan them money or do private home building for them cheaper than average.

    You didn't ask for all that but I wanted you to get a picture of the sort of people we are talking about.

    The congregation had a sort of don't ask, don't tell policy. Everybody knew that the elders were up to no good so the congregation members never really got into trouble. Usually sisters were offended but otherwise too afraid to say anything. All of the elders except one were part of the "elder mafia" and the one that wasn't usually had the expression that he didn't want to be bothered.

  • zack

    Gotta luv that Holy Spirit. It sure keeps an eye on things.

  • OnTheWayOut

    One of the last JC's I was on, it was a very hot sister. She was in her early
    20's and still virginal. She looked like T'pol from STAR TREK: ENTERPRISE.
    Here's a picture if you want to know who that is:


    Actually, she looked more like the actress in her more casual look with the smile
    and not in a catsuit or a bowl-haircut (her not in-character look):

    I only include the pictures to make YOUR POINT.

    if it involved immorality and a good looking sister, it would not be unusual for one of the elders to comment on that.

    We were all old enough to be her father (Well, me barely but still old enough).
    One of the men did say something to the effect of "She tries to look fashionable and always does her
    hair just so. She thinks she is so hot. This was bound to happen."
    So she is guilty of being hot and not trying to look frumpy.

    I wish I could say I never thought about having sex with her, and I am sure most every male in the
    congregation thought of it. Her case did not involve vaginal sex, but stuff short of that. I could
    imagine the men saying in their own minds, "It was worth getting reproved to have some of that."

    We didn't have to discipline the guy involved because he was in a different congregation.

  • oompa

    OTWO could you please pm me a name, phone number and maybe an address? I only want to comfort.......................oompa

  • wings

    I remember hearing a sister tell me how they would ask for details about the immorality. Like "did he touch you there?". Sicko stuff. I think the good looking sisters get a bad rap. The fat old sisters who can barely squeeze into their dress, every buldge showing, cleveage hanging out, somehow that is okay, but get a looker in a tight dress and it's time for counsel.


  • minimus

    I tried not to think of the "sisters in that way". There were some pretty sisters that would regularly call me as their "favorite elder". And I have to say I always tried to treat everyone with respect. In my last year, there was a judicial case that I was involved in and the married sister who committed adultery was very hot and admittedly it was distracting to hear the details. In that case, I could easily see why the guy and gal became such good "best friends".

    My experience with the vast majority of elders is that it was most unusual for them to comment inappropriately about a sister in the Hall. (Now what everyone thought, could've been quite different).

  • tinker

    When my daughter was in her teens she got involved with a boy at school, yada yade, a JC was formed. We attended with her, my very first time in a JC, Yikes was I nervous, but I'll never forget the comment of one of the elders. 'she is such a pretty little thing, you can understand why the boys chase her' and he gave a little wink. Then they proceeded to DF her.


  • golf2

    It would be interesting read if all the experiences were in book form. We just to have to use our imagination and others telling us about their dastardly experience.


  • skyking

    Have to commit on this thread, I never sit in on one of this type of Judicial meetings, why, because we had two Elders that seemed to always make sure they were on the committee. The rest of us know why. My mother in law had sex with a brother at least ten years her younger so I was told all the details of what the two Elders asked, they asked how long, did you had a thong on, did you french kiss, did you enjoy it, did you organism etc... I was sicken by the Horny old Bastards asking these questions. My Mother in Law finally got up told them it sounds like you two want a piece too. Called them sick bastards and left the meeting. She was DF'd for just four months. She would of been DF'd longer but I got the CO into it and he saw it the same was the rest of us did. The CO told me he asked them if they went home a masterbaited after wards.

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