Having Sex With a Hot Sister

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  • Galileo
    The CO told me he asked them if they went home a masterbaited after wards.

    Wow! I like your CO!

    I have a friend that is still in, a female, blonde, 20's, very attractive. She confessed to some elders about some "inappropriate" behavior that she had engaged in. She told me later that she felt totally violated by the elders' questions (what were you wearing, wear did you touch, how long did it last, etc.), not at all comforted, and that she would never go through that again. One of the elders involved, not knowing I knew the details, later made an offhand comment to me about how gorgeous this sister was.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy
    It reeks of hypocrisy

    Sure does. I can remember hearing about this time when an unmarried co was unloading his bags at his little flat for his local visit. He heard a noise coming from the bathroom and there was this hot sister in her nighty and brushing her hair. He asked her if this was to be his room or not and she said of course. So he asked her what she was doing there. She asked if he was not interested in having her female company for the duation of his visit. He asked wtf she was talking about and she spilled it that she sleeps with all the unmarried co's. He asked if her dad was aware and she said, ya he is the po.

    Imagine, all the co's and teh po allowing his daughter to carry on like that?

    Hypocrital turds.

  • justhuman

    Nice way to get attention...but I think the judical comitee arrangement is sick and pervert. i have been through it (apostasy)and really it sickened me.

    I can imagine a sister sitting in front of 3 men(ages between 40-70)and telling them all the details of her sin. How did she had sex, were, what possition they use, if she had oral sex, how many times she did etc,etc.

    On the contrary I can take Jesus example when she only said to the prostitute go and sin no more...Jesus knew that he was dealing with prostitute, but with one word He forgive her

    Now that I'm Christian Orthodox, and having a spiritual guider in my life, when I go to confess my sins their is a way how to do that. One basic element is NEVER getting into details of the sin. Just telling the nature of the sin and ask for forgiveness is enough.

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