Well I'm Out!!!!

by ImFreeatlast 60 Replies latest jw experiences

  • nomoreguilt

    I'mfreeatlast.....Welcome to YOU!!!

    They must be putting something in the water at the kh lately, ya think?

    I like it here.


  • jgnat

    Free at last, I am delighted! I've been collecting success stories for a while, as I'm not a JW and my hubby is. I see several factors in your success. First of all, you approached slowly. You didn't frighten off your family with your doubts. I'm going to use that phrase myself, "Help me understand..." that was great. And as I've said before, your patience brought you rewards. You let your wife come to her own conclusion over two months of study. That's the way to do it, and way to go!

    I'm glad you took the time to tell us of your success. After all, where else can you celebrate, with people who will understand the achievement?

    Now, go enjoy your family. You've earned it.

  • sparrow
    congrats and sweet moves with the family. I know they will love xmas, I sure do!!
  • LouBelle

    ImFreeAtLast - that IS happy news. The more people that can get out of that faith with their family in tact the better!

    All the best.

  • janemissy

    To ImFreeAtLast!

    Good on you!

    What a great story!

    You clever man, and surely humble as well. The way you made things happen.

    I'm a fader myself, but my husband faded already before somebody talked him into baptism baptism (born jw),

    Start living your new life in joy, there's nothing like a free spirit.

    All the best!


  • mouthy


    These are the kind of post that delight me!! So happy for you. Wish I had found this board when I first was kicked out ,I might of faded instead of opening my mouth loud & clear. Telling I didnt believe in the 1914 tale.I might then have been able to cuddle those I lost to the borg.But they are lost to me....

  • sass_my_frass

    Nice one!

  • wings

    Welcome, and what a great story. So many of us here have had a long road in leaving, and not so wonderful stories to share.

    I look forward to hearing more from you


  • LovesDubs

    Welcome to JWD and welcome to LIFE!! How cool is this?? I have a good friend who was a life long JW and a pioneer and in 1999 she contacted me about how I got out and eventually she left the borg...and then her parents followed her...then her sister followed her...then her sisters HUSBAND followed her and their kids... And now they are enjoying holidays and birthdays and FREEDOM!

    You know what were the BEST things for me? Sleeping late on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Taking my coffee out on the porch and watching my kids play in the yard instead of stuffing them into SUITS and DRESSES and making them walk door to door selling Gawd when they should be enjoying their childhoods. I got out in 1997 and my husband stayed in but my kids were raised BORG FREE and are involved in dancing and sports and after school clubs and are ALL on the honor roll and ALL thriving and growing and experience the FULLNESS of their lives!

    I wouldnt trade my decision to get out of that cult for ANYTHING! I pray my husband wakes up too...his mother left and he SHUNS her. And his sister and her husband and their five kids who are JWs all shun her. God speed the destruction of this family destroying cult!!

  • Quirky1

    Welcome Freeatlast!

    Excellent news dude! I hope I can get my wife outta there someday.


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