Well I'm Out!!!!

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  • ImFreeatlast

    Thanks Gopher and Gerard


    PS can anyone tell me how to copy parts of a post to reply to it?
  • jwfacts

    Welcome, great to have another Aussie on board, and good to hear about your wife. My wife stopped attending after I did, and it is so much easier. The few times she went to meetings without me were very depressing. Luckily the congregation made her feel so bad about going alone that she did not want to attend anymore.

  • mind my own
    mind my own

    Wow! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the site!


  • greendawn

    Well done for leaving this manipulative ever deceiving cult, how good that your wife followed and you won't have a divided family.

  • LookOut

    Thats awesome, congrats. welcome to the board.

  • besty

    Great job - good man - love it. Say hi to your wife from JWD - even better to get her posting her story on here..

    Thats awesome, congrats. welcome to the board.

    Lookout -

    Thats awesome, congrats. welcome to the board.

    Lookout I like you already - welcoming newbies from your 3 post stronghold :-)

  • TheListener


    One of my greatest hopes is to get my wife out. I hope I can learn something from how you did it.


  • yknot

    Welcome to JWD !!!

    Emoticon - Dancing Fool Happy to hear your success !!!

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    Excellent news! That sounds like a very tricky job very well done.

    The biggest piece of advice i can give is not to say you dont believe it but to say I dont understand it, that way they dont clam up and shut themselves in the 'its from the governing body mode'.

    That's something I only really came to appreciate after I'd already been honest with my family. As soon as you start to directly attack you're triggering an awfully big mental blockade. I regret that I could have been more clever in helping them to think, but I'm not married and the main thing was that I sorted myself out.

    All the best with your relatively new freedom.

  • bigmouth

    Gidday ! from across the big ditch.

    Good advice about not 'understanding'. With my wife, (oneoftwelve on here), she just had to observe how shocked I was at learning about the UN scandal.

    I think the emotional response was what jolted her into finding out for herself what was going on.


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