Announcement: They Clapped!

by metatron 67 Replies latest jw friends

  • martinwellborne

    they deserve to be counselled for that

  • SPAZnik

    I'd clap too if I found out I had to go to the hall one less time per week.

  • GoddessRachel

    I still don't get how they can be OK with this (besides the obvious reason of not having to go out to meetings three times a week not including field service meetings). I mean, if the end is so near, shouldn't they be meeting MORE, and maybe even in secret, rather than decreasing the weekly meetings by one all of a sudden? My mother used to tell me constantly that if I missed a meeting I wouldn't know where the next one was to be held as the JW's could be banned any moment now (I live in the U.S.) and the great tribulation and all that blah blah blah. This sure doesn't seem like the end is near, folks!

  • kwr

    Don't give them any ideas!

  • kwr

    The baptist don't speak in tongues.

  • Layla33
    The baptist don't speak in tongues.

    I would have to disagree with that. I am not a baptist, but when I left the JW religion, I spent time at a few religions and one of them was the baptist church of someone I used to work with and not only that I went to their "bible study" on Friday evenings and I have to tell you that on Sunday, it is just as I related. Lots of Hallejuah's, tamborine shaking and someone saying something in an indescribable tongue. I asked about it, so I know what I saw. No, it wasn't like the Penecostals, but I saw maybe two or three doing every time I went.

  • sacolton
    Many here beat themselves in lamentation (in the bathroom),

    I LOL'd at that one. Thanks.

  • insearchof

    They clapped at my hall too.

  • changeling

    Whomever started the clap was a cool dude in book!

    changeling :)

  • Quirky1

    Whomever started the clap was a cool dude in book!

    There is medicine for that sort of thing.


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