FRIDAY AT LAST...............TGIF

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  • nomoreguilt

    I just thought it might be interesting to see what everyone has planned for the weekend. Tonight is our last night of our Mixed Doubles bowling league. We get the money for the how we did this past season, ach, that's ok.

    Saturday, my wife and I are going to try and get 18 holes of golf in, YES!! Dinner out saturday night.

    Sunday, swap out the winter stuff in the garage for summer stuff, lawn mower, snow blower, grill on the patio, patio furniture, bikes, I am ready for the summer.

    Maybe another 18 holes of golf.

    If this thread is rather mundane and not so exciting to some, oh well. Some of us DO have other lives than attending hypocritical time wasting meetings.

    My thoughts at 6:30 in the morning. Time for that second cup of coffee. Folgers Special Roast.


  • brinjen

    Been Friday here all day, public holiday too.

  • tika

    Wow, nmg, that is quite an ambitious weekend you have planned! Sounds like you appreciate not having to spend time in the mind numbing meeting, I can appreciate that!

    We will probably be attending the "Testical Festival" this weekend. It takes place locally every year, the last Saturday in April and they fry up tons of pig and bull balls from the spring castrations. I know it sound gross, but people wait in line for these things and they are free since they are not FDA approved. I for one do not partake, I only go to drink beer and listen to the band...the festival motto is "Have yourself a ball!" Have a great weekend everyone!

  • IP_SEC

    going on a big trip to the far east. well... far east for me

  • free2think
    going on a big trip to the far east. well... far east for me

    Sounds nice IP, have fun.

  • anewme

    TGIF for my dear husband! He has worked soooo hard this week. Poor guy needs a rest and I hope he gets it.

    I on the other hand must work through the weekend.

    But I am glad to be working and my job is a cushy one, in many ways the easiest job I've ever had.

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    Staying with my girlfriend at the moment.

    Sat: Birthday party (I've been told the food is going to especially good).

    Sun: Meal at her parents (and her Dad used to work as a chef).

    Yum. :)

    We're both busy with work stuff at the moment, so I expect we'll be spending some time on that too.

    Have a good one all!

  • lonelysheep

    I'm going shopping tomorrow for a new suit. Hanging out with my aunt and her friends tonight. Good times....

  • Velvetann

    Hi everyone and happy weekend. Its always time to celebrate in my opinion and a great thread. Life is here to be enjoyed not waiting for doom and gloom I have always enjoyed weekends ever since I left the Borg. Before it used to be Field Service and then Sunday talk and watchtower study to look forward too. UGH

    My guy and I are not doing anything exciting. We are going to have a nice BBQ tonight, have some red wine, shoot some pool on our pool table. We are also opening the swimming pool today. A bit of work but worth it in the long run. I want to be able to swim by May 1st. This involves getting a pump and fire hose from the fire hall where my husband is a firefighter, then filling the pool from the river. This takes about 45 minutes versus the garden hose method which will take 5 days. Thats our excitement.


  • momzcrazy

    After last nights concert, BON JOVI ROCKS, I don't know that I can do too much! Sit on the back patio, enjoy my flowers, and maybe grill for dinner.


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