Elders Asking For Your Number

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  • Seeker4

    "they came unannounced..."

    That's something that bugs me about the elders, how they always like to just drop in on people. Looking back, I would NEVER agree now to let the brothers in if they arrived unannounced. There is a certain advantage they have in catching someone off guard like that. My advice if the elders knock unexpectedly at your door is to say they caught you at a bad time and then make an appointment to have them come back at your convenience. Then you've got time to be prepared for them. The same would go if they unexpectedly tried to talk with you privately at the Kingdom Hall. Take the advantage of surprise away from them.

    Now, I would ALWAYS force them to make an appointment. Not that there's likely to ever be a time that they would WANT to talk with me again!


  • Quirky1

    I would be a little more firm and directly to the point with them even tho some of them already have my number. They still haven't tried to contact me by phone or physically.


  • loosie

    Momz and open mind and myself must be from the same generation. lol

    I used to give out fake numbers when guys I didn't want calling me asked for my number.

  • easyreader1970

    Wouldn't it be more appropriate to use 777-9311?

    It is the title of a Prince track, after all.

  • undercover

    I'm with Seeker...

    I never allow unannounced calls from elders get any further than the front porch anymore. If they call ahead, I'll make time to accept them in my home. Of course if they follow a course of conversation that is off limits, I'd let them know that too. If they persisted, I'd ask them to leave. I learned this lesson the hard way...like most of us.

    I kicked an elder out of my home one time...and this was before I was completely out. I was still in my researching mode, trying to come to grasp with some of the scandals I had learned about. I had missed a lot of meetings when two elders showed up one day. My wife invited them, they said a few pleasantries and then pretty much ignored her and lit into me about meeting attendance, service and how close we were to the end.

    One elder made some very presumptious comments that basically pissed me off and I told him on no uncertain terms that he didn't know enough about me to making such statements. After he tried to bully me some more and I jumped back in his shit, the other elder said maybe it was best to change the subject and I responded that it was best they leave...and to call before coming back. The good cop elder was an okay guy, the bad cop elder was and is a SOB and he's been on my shit list ever since. I've refused to have any conversation with him in any setting.

    But good for you lil' red dot...for not giving your number out. The best way to stand an elder down is to stand up to them. They are so used to no one ever standing up to them as an elder, they don't know what to do when someone actually has the nerve to stand up to them and treat them as bothersome pests instead of respected holy men.

  • OnTheWayOut

    867-530 Ni-ee-oeeen

    Momz may have beat me to it, but I said it right.

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead
    They are so used to no one ever standing up to them as an elder, they don't know what to do when someone actually has the never to stand up to them and treat them as bothersome pests instead of respected holy men.

    I'm with you on that undercover, since we don't recognize their authority anymore.

  • blondie

    I always tell them I'm in the white pages..........lazy sods.

  • carla

    Memorize your local 'dial a prayer' and give it to them, that's what girls in the bar used to do sometimes. Or, is the old 1-800-why-1914 still working? other local cult number they could call?

  • CoonDawg

    Good show, Min!

    I once told the elders to call before coming. They ignored my instructions and a carload of 3 of them dropped in for a "shepherding call". I lived in a remote area, so I met them halfway down the drive with an assault rifle (complete with 40 round magazine) in my hands and my 9 mil strapped in a holster on my side. They wanted to still come up to the house and I refused. I told them no and that I had already told them they were no longer welcome to just drop by. They left and after that, I pretty much quit going to meetings.

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