Elders Asking For Your Number

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  • minimus

    What I find is that when you do not acknowledge their so-called authority, they don't know how to deal with it.

  • WTWizard

    It wouldn't do them any good. First, I would call 911 if I caught them creating a stir in the complex (I got instructions that, if I heard anything suspicious, that I should call 911). And if they were hounding for a particular number, that would for sure be suspicious, at least that the person is trying to "case" the building for a potential breakin (there would be no sure way to differentiate this from a casing).

    Even if they did get my number, I would make sure it would only be wasted time to call me. I have CallerID, and I use it. If their names come up on that, they can bet their bottom dollar that they are only going to get a recording, and have to leave a message that I would promptly delete and not answer it. And I know they have my number (they left me a message inviting me to the REJECT Jesus Party).

  • Rocky_Girl

    The elders conned my mom into giving them my new cell number to "inform me of a JC about my conduct." I haven't brightened the door to a KH in 9 years, so I don't know how my conduct could be an issue. Anyway, I recognized the name on my caller ID and refused to answer. Three of them came to my door right before dinner and I decided to have fun.

    I opened the door in a panic and told them I was soooo glad to see them. They followed me in, I put them to work wrangling my 5 kids (2 are mine 3 were nieces/nephews all under 5) into washing their hands and eating dinner, I didn't sit down once, but worked like a frantic mom trying to get my kids fed. Then, after loading the dishwasher they helped me buckle the kids into the car and watched me drive away. I think that it wasn't until I was gone that they realized I hadn't talked to any of them. Ha ha. They drove away and I went home to a nice clean kitchen.

  • mrsjones5
    I lived in a remote area, so I met them halfway down the drive with an assault rifle (complete with 40 round magazine) in my hands and my 9 mil strapped in a holster on my side.

    CoonDawg, ya made my hubby laugh!


  • minimus

    Rocky, nothing like using the elders!

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