Elders Asking For Your Number

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  • NewYork44M

    Use this number:


    The rejection line. You have officially been rejected.


  • Seeker4

    Yeah, Undercover. The last two elders who called on me included an old friend and good guy, and a CO who was, or at least tried to be, a spiritual bully. I didn't let him get away with anything, but there are still things I wish I'd said.

    The CO had never met me before, and he tried to say some things about me that were so full of shit. I called him on those. I think they are kind of shocked not to be treated like something special. I'd love to see that guy again and tell him a couple of more things that I should have told him the first time around!

    Spiritual bullies is a perfect description of some of those jokers, especially some of the COs and a bunch of elders I knew. I wouldn't hesitate now with that ass to grab him by the collar and toss him out the front door for a couple of the things he said, while inviting my old friend to stay and finish the conversation!

    Imagine actually doing that and having one of those fat farts try to take a poke at you! I've got a few frustrations from my JWhood days that might make bitch slapping some jerk of a CO a very satisfying experience.


  • jaguarbass

    When I left in 83, I never had any elders call me. My in laws were all elders, I told them dont ever talk to me as a witness again and that was it.

    I'll be seeing a bunch of them at a family get together this Saturday.

    I feel sorry for them. I've been out since 83, theyve been trapped going out in field circus, going to meetings. My one brother in law had to quickly build a kingdumb hall last week, he could have been out fishing.

    During the first few years after I left, when I would run into friends in wall mart or the grocery store, they would say we miss you.

    I just smilled, If you dont talk back they got nothing to work with.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    There is a psychiatric hospital nearby and that was the number I would hand out to uninvited phone # requests

  • minimus

    Coon Dawg, you kill me!

  • undercover
    Coon Dawg, you kill me!

    He very well could, with that arsenal...

  • dogisgod

    Doon Dawg you sound like my brother who lives in front of me. He always packs a 45 but he greets with a big ol rifle with a big ol bayonette on the end.

  • minimus

    I love you Southerners!

    Can you imagine looking like Rambo when a couple of elders try to pay you a "shepherding" visit?

    Someone should go to a JC meeting like that!

  • CoonDawg

    I have to say, it was quite satisfying. Whenever I have a JW say "we miss you"...I always reply "You don't really mean that. You wouldn't really want me around speaking my mind." The looks on the faces are priceless.

  • betteroffdead

    yeah the last time the elders came by unannounced I called them out on it. I live in a different congregation's territory than the one I randomly attend, they show out of the blue under the guise they were out in service, I said stop lying to me I'm not stupid your not even supposed to be in this territory, wrong congregation homie! seems odd they show up right as I got home luckily it was just to drop something off. maybe next time... yeah no.

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