Bottom Line: What Does This New Meeting Arrangement Really Mean?

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  • RubaDub

    It means that brothers won't have to TIVO so many shows on what used to be book study night.

    Rub a Dub

  • wings

    Nice to have you back minimus

    I have personally found all these threads enlightening, Different posters with respond to some more than others, we get to hear from more of us. We are getting this subject covered JWD style. Kind of like a 24/7 news channel for JW apostates. Beat the subject to death and then when it is over you are either crazy, or satisfied.

    For me this means:

    #1 I potentially know this before my JW family. This is BIG news, and this avenue of information is exciting.

    #2 If they had done this 10 years ago my fade might have lasted longer. Wouldn't have had to fake so many headaches.

    #3 WTS has to be loosing it's grip, and we aren't the only ones who know this, they know it. Soon the R & F will have more time to figure it out too.

    #4 oompa has a special relationship with potty humor.


  • Finally-Free
    Bottom Line: What Does This New Meeting Arrangement Really Mean?

    To me, not a damn thing.


  • Layla33

    I am so so tempted to make three phone calls and say, "so I heard they are canceling the bookstudy"...two of these people have them in their homes and they feel so privileged. Haha...

  • minimus

    Pretty nice Tshirt.

    You folks aren't addressing what the significance of the new arrangement is. Ther must be a method to their madness.

    Layla, you're right. Some feel sooooooo privileged. I pity them.

  • BurnTheShips

    Well now I am out, but when I wuzzin, we had book study in my house.

    It would have meant one night less in the hamsterwheel and more time to make return visits on the wife.

  • daniel-p

    Minimus, there have been plenty of comments addressing the significance of the new arrangement. We have like thirty threads on this very topic and all manner of speculation have been explored already. I've said my piece on the first page, and I'm sticking with it. I'd put money on it that that's their intent, but of course, no one will ever be able to say what the GB are REALLY thinking.

  • minimus

    Well, Burn, this is the reason. Now it all makes sense!

    Daniel, if that was the case about making it look easier to be a JW, they wouldn't still cultishly, try to make everyone adhere to all their petty Pharasaical rules!

  • daniel-p

    Minimus, those two possibilities are not mutually exclusive. They are making it LOOK easier to be a JW, but at the same time they have all those Pharisaical rules. They incur good will from the R&F by this change, while not changing anything substantial about their own doctrine or policies.

  • minimus

    From what I've been reading on these threads, not everyone considers this goodwill, from a true JW perspective. Maybe you're right about the newer GB members getting a majority to soften up but it's those same guys that are giving all the do more hard hitting talks as of late---so I doubt it.

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