Bottom Line: What Does This New Meeting Arrangement Really Mean?

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  • Vinny

    By minimizing personal contact and informal gatherings, there are less opportunities for child molestation. I'd bet that issue played a significant role in this new direction.

  • stillajwexelder

    I am still skeptical - I will believe it when it is announced

  • daniel-p

    The new guys are hardliners when it comes to policy and doctrine, but that doesn't prohibit them from making changes like these. Again, this kind of thing only makes it look easier to be a JW, easier to go through the motions of attending meetings.

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    I think it's a control issue. They don't trust elders as individuals. At a bookstudy an elder can say pretty much anything and who from the r&f is going to report him? At the KH all the other elders are there to keep an eye on one another.

    The child abuse thing could be relevant too.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    My guesses:

    The change will happen if the verbal report from "someone who knows someone who talked to a GB member" turns out to be true. I hope it is true.

    It was (prematurely?) announced last Sunday at our meeting that a letter will be read to the elders at a special elders meeting. The letter COULD be about:

    1. rooming arrangement rebels,

    2. a new tract,

    3. merging the CBS with the TMS & SM, or that

    4. masturbation is now a conscience matter. (Hey, why not add to speculation pot?)

    If the merging happens, here's my guess as to how it went down when the Shakina light came down on the GB on some Wednesday in the not-too-distant past.

    Soft- line GB members:

    "Hey, this will be a kindness to the 'friends'. We're still not 'forsaking the gathering of ourselves together', but we're making it easier for old timers and potential converts alike."

    Hard-line GB members:

    "The END is closer than ever! We need to quicken the pace of the preaching work! This will free up one more evening for Field Service. True Christians (tm) won't stay home and watch TV or go to night school."

    *Soft-liners say "Yeah right" under their breath*

    2/3 majority passes the "new light".

    Everybody's happy.

    Well, sort of.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Dissenting GB member :

    "Yeah, but now I won't be able to use that tired old 5 meetings = 5 fingers illustration!"

    Majority GB member :

    "Sure you can. It's really only been 3 fingers for decades anyway. Now it's only gonna be 2. But, hell, we'll still CALL it 5 like we always have."


  • sacolton
    4. masturbation is now a conscience matter. (Hey, why not add to speculation pot?)

  • minimus

    Nothin' like trying to get Witnesses feeling that they can at least make just 1 night for Jehovah!

  • BurnTheShips
    4. masturbation is now a conscience matter. (Hey, why not add to speculation pot?)

  • minimus

    OK, now. Enuf about masturbation. Bad boys!

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